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When you give goodness, you….

Offer a More Positive Worldview

Volunteers are fueled by assurance that their hard work is making a difference. Yet, 42% of Americans avoid the news because it “grinds them down.” A subscription to the Goodness Exchange gives your volunteers instant access to a wave of goodness and progress that few people know about. Here’s how to remind them they are part of something much bigger than themselves.

Create Pride In Place

Keep your volunteers energized and proud of their role. Our content reminds them that they are part of something big and audacious, and inspires pride in what they’re uniquely built to contribute.

Build Community

Infuse your organizational culture with meaning and inspiration. The simple fact is that maintaining good mental health is dependent on social support.

Energize with Optimism

From creative problem solving to fostering innovative collaboration, a culture that celebrates goodness has the power to transform our future. In a study examining employee news content consumption, those who read good news were 18% more optimistic than those not exposed to good news. Nourish your volunteer’s mindset, their work is important.

Prevent Volunteer Burnout

Knowing more about the goodness in the world has the power to lift us up together and transform the context of our day-to-day lives. Our content offers an expanded and more balanced world view. Instant access to the work and insights of other generous and ingenious people can give volunteers a sense of belonging and reignite a their passion for your work.

Promote Coexistence

We don’t touch politics or have an agenda, but simply promote starting conversation from places we agree. Our differences make us stronger. Inclusion happens when every voice is heard, but people still “worry that the news might create arguments” and don’t voice their opinions.

Recharge Your Volunteers

Learning about good news reduces anxiety which leads to improved mental health and the energy to care about others. We celebrate fresh insights from thought-leaders who are some of the most measured, helpful voices in the world. Thoughtful perspectives will help your volunteers stay energized and excited about their work.

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