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Pursuant with standardized web practices per the Viacom v. Google lawsuit, we pay special attention to giving all creators featured on the Goodness Exchange their proper recognition.

If you find anything on the website that concerns you with regard to copyright, you can be certain that it is accidental and we will want to hear about it (and make corrections) right away.

Our central mission is to educate and elevate people all around the world who are still open, curious and hopeful. We hope you are happy to see your work featured in that light, but do contact us immediately if you have concerns. Copyright infringement will not knowingly be tolerated on the Goodness Exchange, or any of its subsidiaries. If you feel your rights have been infringed upon, please contact us and the team will have your content removed immediately.

All the information you find on the Goodness Exchange, shared from other sources, has been republished here for educational and informational purposes to benefit all who visit us. We do our best to credit every bright mind we feature.

What makes the Goodness Exchange different?

There is a wave of goodness and progress going on around the world.
The Goodness Exchange was created to cut through today's negative noise, saving you time and sanity by giving you instant access to good news, uplifting insights, and positive perspectives.

We are a place for all, with no agenda: no politics, religious affiliation, or commercial biases.

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There is a wave of goodness and progress well underway, all around the world.