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Need a pick-me-up? These feel-good tales of people changing the world for the better will restore your confidence in humanity and put a spring in your step.

Image: A player for the Savannah Bananas doing a backflip off of a barrel in front of a cheering crowd.

The Savannah Bananas Bring Fun and Excitement to America’s Favorite Pastime

Have you heard of the Savannah Bananas? This Georgia based team has hit a real home run with their mission: to make baseball fans first, and most of all, fun! Roasting s’mores during a game, going up to bat on stilts, and a dancing umpire are just the tip of the iceberg of antics that go on at these games. And they make this, as the Bananas like to call it, the greatest show in sports!
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Finding the Intelligence in Our Emotions: SleepAwake Camp Offers a Breakthrough with Cat Tweedie (Episode #133)

Turns out, there are no bad emotions (anger, resentment, fear, etc). They can all be good, if we can remember to pause and then search the intelligence in them. In this episode, that is just one of the many pearls that today’s guest, Cat Tweedie, teaches us about. She is co-founder of Sleepawake Camp: a wonderful organization with a fresh take on coping with our world for young people, but her insights are fresh and useful, no matter your age.
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Image: Natalya Kishchuk, a Hutsul weaver from Ukraine weaves a traditional blanket on a loom

Ukraine Family Uses Etsy to Keep Heirloom Weaving Tradition Alive

In the Carpathian mountains of Ukraine, the Kischuk family has taken to the internet to keep the centuries old tradition of weaving lizhnyk blankets alive. From sheep to final shipping, Natalya Kischuk and her husband Yaroslov, along with their children, use traditional methods handed down for generations to craft beautiful blankets, rugs, and clothing that are now enjoyed by people around the globe.
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You Are Worthy of Good Food: Nourishing Your Body and Soul with Chef Kenny Minor (Episode #132)

Chef Kenny Minor will make you hungry for both food and the joyful culture that can be built around cooking and eating. You will love this conversation for the sense of fun that it brings up from your past and the possibilities it brings to the meals you can enjoy with others in the future! Chef Kenny was named Top Chef by Ebony Magazine for his fresh ideas about eating and cooking, as well as the exuberant punch of personality he brings to everything he does.
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Image: A person skateboarding barefoot

Do As The Aussies Do, Lose the Shoes!

What’s the deal with Australians being barefoot all the time? Dip your toes into the history behind a cultural tradition that began just after WWII and remains prevalent to this day. You may just walk away feeling relaxed, with a newfound appreciation for your own feet!
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APOPO’s Highly Trained Rats Could Save Your Life with Dr. Cindy Fast (Episode #131)

Dr. Cindy Fast tells us about the fascinating and groundbreaking work of an organization in Africa that has realized the potential in a common local animal, and turned it from “pest” to “hero.” Remarkable gains in landmine clearing, stopping the spread of tuberculosis, and even search and rescue techniques are being made… all from the discovery of a novel partnership: one between humans and… African giant pouched rats! Listen in to learn about the fantastic work of nonprofit, APOPO.
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Image: girl jumping rope double dutch style

How the Jump Rope Became an Elite Sport and a Symbol of Community

Double dutch may be one of the most underrated sports out there. These young athletes combine football star levels of footwork with the flexibility of gymnasts and the speed of sprinters. Better yet, they are a part of a community built to give them the support and love they need. Now this is inspiring!
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Image: Jonathan Domsky

What Lights You Up? Untangling Life’s Complexities with Jonathan Domsky (Episode #127)

Jonathan Domsky talks with Dr. Lynda about untangling life’s complexities with a positive outlook and strategy. Their conversation provides insight into seeing the things that are working and uncovering beliefs that may have us “stuck.” His experience in helping others get clarity and his international success as an entrepreneur allows him to offer practical solutions for our personal and professional lives.
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Image: A mug with "see the good" engraved on it.

How to Live with a More Positive Worldview using 4 Simple Shifts

What we see on the internet is just a slice of reality. There is an enormous wave of goodness and progress well underway in the world that almost no one knows about because it is hidden from view: buried by all the fear and anger that seems to be rising to the top. But have no fear... Here are four simple shifts we can all make in our daily lives to retrain our algorithms to instead favor a positive worldview full of helpful, thoughtful, and hopeful internet content.
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