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The Conspiracy of Goodness Podcast

The Conspiracy of Goodness Podcast is designed to give you more joy, less fear, and no end to the evidence that a bright future is possible. Each episode, we help you make sense of the world by introducing you to people tackling some of the world’s most difficult problems and show you why they still think the future is bright.

Latest Episodes

Uplifting Series Finds Kindness, 450 Million Tune in! with Sarah Yourgrau (Summer Series #4.2)

Sarah Yourgrau is the talented producer and co-host behind Mike Rowe’s heartwarming series, ‘Returning the Favor.’ This acclaimed show has 105 episodes with over 450 million views, and celebrates unsung heroes across America, restoring our faith in each other. She is among a handful of people who have really seen the scope of our true potential as neighbors and communities. You will be sent soaring by her stories, of one act of kindness at a time.

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Every Human Being Deserves to Flourish – with Matthew Lee (Episode #185)

Matthew Lee stands as a beacon of hope in a world often overshadowed by stress and uncertainty. He is the visionary director of The Flourishing Network at the Human Flourishing Program at Harvard, where his pioneering work has garnered widespread acclaim and tangibly transformed lives around the globe. He has some amazing practical wisdom to share, wisdom that illuminates a path to human flourishing for us all.

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‘Is Your Job a Good Fit?’ with Seth Godin (Summer Series #4.1)

Seth Godin, a globally renowned social entrepreneur, has the keys to finding work that not only pays the bills, but also brings profound personal satisfaction and fulfillment. With his signature blend of wisdom and story-telling, he explains how to align your career with your passions and values, and to create opportunities that lead to your dream job.

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Explore a captivating collection of articles and podcasts that shine a spotlight on the brilliance and contributions of Black thought leaders. Discover inspiring stories, thought-provoking insights, and impactful conversations that showcase the powerful voices shaping…

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What will you still be doing when you’re 90 or 100 years old? Discover the remarkable resilience and vitality of seniors in this inspiring collection of stories which showcase older individuals defying age stereotypes, achieving…

Special Collection: World Wide Wander 2023


We are thrilled to be partnering with the amazing organization Street Wisdom for their 5th annual World Wide Wander, an exciting live learning event, inspired by mindfulness, wellness and creativity, and invented by creative entrepreneur…

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What is Regeneration with Paul Hawken

Paul breaks down the meaning of regeneration and why it is important. He explains why the concept of “Othering” is the cause of global warming.

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