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Image: A player for the Savannah Bananas doing a backflip off of a barrel in front of a cheering crowd.

The Savannah Bananas Bring Fun and Excitement to America’s Favorite Pastime

Have you heard of the Savannah Bananas? This Georgia based team has hit a real home run with their mission: to make baseball fans first, and most of all, fun! Roasting s’mores during a game, going up to bat on stilts, and a dancing umpire are just the tip of the iceberg of antics that go on at these games. And they make this, as the Bananas like to call it, the greatest show in sports!
Image: A monarch butterfly sits on an orange flower.

Monarch Butterfly Migration: A Breathtaking Journey

The Monarch Butterfly migration is one of the most remarkable journies on this planet. Join us for the breathtaking details, on a journey of your own to explore the science, culture, and conservation. In the end, we’ll stand in awe of this feat of nature!
Image: child sitting in front of two crossword puzzles pretending to solve them

The Secrets Hidden in Your Sunday Crossword

There’s a lot more to these puzzles than meets the eye. So what goes into making them? Why do we love them so much? And is there really any truth to the claims that completing a puzzle a day will ward off aging? Here’s all you could want to know about the world of crosswords, with a bit of fun added in! (We promise, it’s quite exciting!)
Image: A pink comfy chair, out of place, sitting on a rock by a beach. It asks the question: what else could we do from the couch, other than watch the news?

News Often Obscures Reality. Maybe it’s Time for a Media Diet

How we feel at any given moment, and where we choose to focus our time and energy, is greatly impacted by the information we receive. If our thoughts are negatively impacted by all the news we are consuming, it may be time to consider a news diet.
Image: Natalya Kishchuk, a Hutsul weaver from Ukraine weaves a traditional blanket on a loom

Ukraine Family Uses Etsy to Keep Heirloom Weaving Tradition Alive

In the Carpathian mountains of Ukraine, the Kischuk family has taken to the internet to keep the centuries old tradition of weaving lizhnyk blankets alive. From sheep to final shipping, Natalya Kischuk and her husband Yaroslov, along with their children, use traditional methods handed down for generations to craft beautiful blankets, rugs, and clothing that are now enjoyed by people around the globe.

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Image: A person skateboarding barefoot

Do As The Aussies Do, Lose the Shoes!

What’s the deal with Australians being barefoot all the time? Dip your toes into the history behind a cultural tradition that began just after WWII and remains prevalent to this day. You may just walk away feeling relaxed, with a newfound appreciation for your own feet!

Image: A hand holding an analog clock in front of a pink and blue background, a metaphor for time blocking.

Stop Writing To-Do Lists, Try Time Blocking Instead

Get milk, check. Pay bills, check. Call mom, check… Goodness gracious, it seems like that to-do list is a never-ending one. And when you’ve check, check, checked, it seems like there are even more things to add on. A standard to-do list tells you what needs to be done, but time blocking tells you when…

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