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Practical Steps to Improve Our Lives and Communities: The Solutionary Way

Practical Steps to Improve Our Lives and Communities: The Solutionary Way

Discover how adopting a solutionary mindset can empower individuals of all ages to tackle global challenges, transform their communities, and create a better world for everyone.
Image: Dog sitting next to Pezzy Pets Invasive Fish Pet Treats

Pet Treats Made from Invasive Fish Solve Major Problem in Mexico

Pezzy Pets makes sustainable pet treats using invasive fish. We love this solution to a man-made problem—and so will your pet!
Image: A family dinner, with ten plates full of diverse kinds of food

How Our Dinner Plates Reflect Diversity, Yet Unite Humanity

What does dinner look like around the globe? Matthieu Paley, a National Geographic Photographer, set out to document the culture of food in places untouched by supermarkets.
Image: silhouette of an airplane above palm trees

Navigating Turbulence: Four Approaches to Crisis Management

Have a tough decision to make? Running into another bump in the road of life? Here’s how one of the world’s top CEOs handles crisis and how we can use these insights in our own lives.
Image: two people sitting in chairs underneath a tree silhouetted against a sunset

People’s Actions Leaving You Baffled? Here’s How to Cultivate Understanding

Encountering behavior that seems inexplicable can be immensely frustrating. Whether it’s a family member, friend, or colleague making decisions that appear counterintuitive, our first instinct might be to react with confusion or annoyance. However, amidst this confusion, there lies an opportunity to cultivate understanding.
Image: Five Ocean Sole artisans standing with a large rhino, made entirely of recycled flip flops.

Kenyan Nonprofit Turns Flip Flops into Beautiful Works of Art, Cleaning Beaches and Empowering Communities

In sculptures made of flip flops that you have to see to believe featuring turtles, elephants, zebras, life-size giraffes, and many, many more, Kenyan nonprofit Ocean Sole’s artistic ingenuity solves more than one problem. Turning trash into treasure, this organization cleans Kenyan beaches, provides jobs for local artisans, and raises awareness for our flip flop problem, all at the same time. Ready to feast your eyes on this incredible art?

Image: A woman walking through a circular rock maze on a beach near the ocean, taking time for herself to tackle mental load.

Tackling Mental Load: 5 Practical Tips for a Healthier Mind

Many of us have a never-ending list of things to do in our minds, and it feels like there’s no end in sight. This constant mental chatter is known as “mental load,” and it can quickly become overwhelming. It’s not just another buzzword, though. In fact, it’s something that affects many people, especially women, and it can have a huge impact on your daily life. Here are five practical tips to reclaim your mental space and live a more balanced life.

Image: Assorted bread being sold at a bakery

Beyond the Ruins: Baking Bread Like the Ancient Romans

Are you a bread-lover? Perhaps you were a pandemic sourdough baker—or lived with one. Maybe you are always on the search for a good crusty baguette, or to you there is nothing better than a piece of toast slathered in your favorite peanut butter. Wherever you fall, you are a part of a long lineage of loaf-lovers that dates back 14,000 thousand years.

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Image: A group of friends and people in relationships holding up their glasses to cheers

How to Build Great Relationships!

How well do you know your parents and how are your relationships with them? There will come a time when your parents become your children. Trust me—it will happen. And then they will be gone, and you realize that you are alone, and you never really knew them. So how do you make sure that you form closer bonds with them before they exit the stage?

Image: variety of cheese at a market!

Without Cheese, We Might Not Be Here!

Throughout human history, cheese has given us a huge survival advantage and changed civilization. If that isn’t friendship, we don’t know what is. So let’s spend a little quality time with one of our oldest pals, and remind ourselves of all that we’ve been through together.

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