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Meet the New Vegan Bacon Made From Seaweed

Meet the New Vegan Bacon Made From Seaweed

When it comes to faux bacon, it’s not just about taste. People want the bacon to be as authentic as possible including the sizzling fat. Now a Bay Area California startup has introduced a vegan bacon that is made from seaweed that tastes delicious and has a crispy bacon appearance.
How Indigenous Knowledge Helped Plant Over 3 Million Trees in the Andes

How Indigenous Knowledge Helped Plant Over 3 Million Trees in the Andes

Over 30 years, the work of one man eventually brought together 25,000 families to make an immeasurable difference in the lives of his community for generations to come. Using Indigenous knowledge to save the planet saves lives, and that has never been easier. How, you ask?
Are Video Games Bad for You, Really?

Are Video Games Bad for You, Really?

On the quest to find out the effect that video games have on the brain, researchers may have stumbled into something that could change the nature of medicine. We’re on the verge of prescribing video games, and these awesome creators walk us through it!

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Image: A stop sign half submerged in water. Is it a good thing, or a bad thing?

Good Thing, Bad Thing, Who Knows?

Go back in your life. Has anything happened to you that, at the time it happened, you thought was a ‘bad thing’? But, looking back at it today, you can clearly see that it was not so bad and, perhaps, was even a ‘good thing?’ Most people can recall many such instances. So, is it…

A pair of legs sticking out of a dryer, wearing long yellow socks and white shoes, at a laundromat.

Special Laundromat Helps Families Stay Clean

Wearing clean clothing every day is not something to be taken for granted. This is why Pastor Leo Robinson II founded Good Laundry, a laundromat service for his North Flint, Michigan community and the surrounding neighborhoods, to combat hygiene poverty, Flint Beat reports. The laundry will be servicing around 100 families and helping them have access to clean…

Image: A person playing a cello as part of the Street Symphony program.

Bringing the Symphony to the Street

We have all felt the connective and uplifting power of a great musical performance. But what if you couldn’t access to those moments that most feed your soul? Thanks to the work of a remarkable organization, the residents of LA facing homelessness and incarceration, these moments are no longer lost.

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