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We are on a mission to celebrate the wave of goodness and progress that is well underway, all around the world.

You were right to believe that there is a world of goodness out there that we're not seeing. Together, we can change the negative dialogue about our times!

A message from the goodness family

There are millions of people quietly working around the world to make life better for others. Unfortunately, their stories are often drowned out by the negative noise of the 24/7 news cycle. As a positive media company, the Goodness Exchange (formerly Ever Widening Circles) celebrates meaningful insights and innovations through uplifting content that prove it’s still an amazing world.

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Why us?

The team at the Goodness Exchange is on a mission to help people find and celebrate the wave of goodness and progress, a movement we call The Conspiracy of Goodness™. We are a team of ordinary people who have come together to grow a global community and share stories of ingenuity, wonder, and good news that almost anyone would agree signals great progress in the world. So, say hello!


The Home for Goodness.

The Goodness Exchange (formerly Ever Widening Circles) is a media outlet on a mission to change the negative dialogue about our times. We are celebrating the wave of goodness and progress that is well underway, all around the world. Our articles, podcasts, events, and community celebrate the people who are solving the world’s problems, small and large.

Since we were founded in 2014, our aim has been to celebrate the progress happening around the world. We curate stories of inspiring technologies, good news, scientific breakthroughs, extraordinary features of the natural world, remarkable creativity, and newsworthy ideas from thought leaders around the globe—all without mention of politics.

The world needs a trusted place that is an oasis from the overwhelmingly negative news cycle, political acrimony, and relentless advertising.

Our aim is to touch a common chord in people from all cultures and generations; in short, to be the nicest place on the internet! To accomplish this, we simply follow three principles:

  • We will be a place for all, with no agenda: no politics, no religious affiliation, and no commercial biases.
  • We will cite our sources meticulously. We only use sources and include outbound links to long-trusted places of knowledge and goodwill on the web.
  • You will always leave the Goodness Exchange with a spring in your step. We write in a way that feels as though you have had coffee with a very nice, really smart friend.

A “balanced worldview” includes the knowledge of the many people working diligently and successfully to make the world a better place for us all.

We are expanding the Goodness Exchange mission further in education, healthcare, and business!

Learn more about us and where we’re headed by following the links below! Together we can change the negative dialogue about our times.

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You’re not alone in caring.
There is a wave of goodness and progress well underway, all around the world.

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