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How One Small Act of Kindness Can Improve the Lives of Others with Mark Redmond: January Happy[ness] Hour

Virtual Event Virtual Event
Join us on Friday, January 7th from 1pm-2pm ET for an afternoon with Mark Redmond, who for almost 40 years has been helping kids from tough situations be successful despite the odds against them. Mark has the most positive take on what could be a tough issue. This conversation will be full of celebration, fun, fascinating, and insightful real stories of trials and triumph. If you didn't believe it before, you'll certainly leave this Happy[ness] Hour believing that anything is possible when we practice small acts of kindness.

How to Make 2022 Your Kindest Year with Donna Cameron: January Workshop

Virtual Event
Virtual Event Virtual Event
In this practical workshop, Donna will share the benefits of kindness (health, business success, relationships, personal satisfaction…), the barriers to kindness (what sometimes makes it difficult for us to give and receive kindness), and the skills of kindness (most are simple, but not necessarily easy). As she reveals both the why and how of choosing kindness, she will show us how to claim this life-changing—and world-changing—power.
$0.00 – $20.00

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