Test Drive Your Dreams: Choosing Your Own Adventures with Christie Albrecht (Episode #70)

Imagine you could take your wildest dreams and aspirations and take them on a quick test run without having to leave your job. That is Christie Albrecht’s gift to the world through her book, You Make the Path by Walking!

Christie works with people who have “built castles in the sky” and helps them build the foundation under them to live out its reality.

She helps leaders unleash the brilliance of their teams through workshops, brainstorms, and strategic planning processes. 

Now, all those creative voices can gather in one place called The Rowdy Creative – Christie’s online community for people who are trying to unlock the power of creativity in their lives!

Whether you’re struggling to figure out where your business or organization is trying to go, or you’re just looking to switch things up in life; dive into the episode and learn how to test drive your dreams and choose your own adventure!

Resources Mentioned:


Connect with Christie on LinkedIn. Be sure to reach out on https://www.therowdycreative.com for the virtual world’s most creative neighborhood (and you’re invited!).

[00:01 – 8:17] Opening Segment
  • I introduce Christie Albrecht
    • Bio 
  • Christie shares the heart behind her newest book
    • You Make the Path by Walking
    • A guide to adventure and trying new things 
    • 60+ possible endings to the book
    • Born out of Christie’s own questioning of life 
  • Christie’s thoughts on the Great Resignation/Great Questioning
    • People are reimagining their lives
    • Other ways of living are suddenly possible 
    • The door has cracked open 
[08:18 – 19:40] Test Drive Your Dreams: Action Steps
  • Practical tips to test driving your dream
    • The importance of seeing the examples of others who’ve done it
    • Open yourself to mentally trying different ideas 
    • It starts with imagination 
  • Next steps    
    • Figure out what you really want 
    • Tune in to other people’s stories 
    • Give yourself permission to listen to your inner voice 
    • “What we give our attention to expands” 
  • Resources – where to go to get started
    • Christie’s first instinct is to dive into books 
    • Follow your curiosity
    • Put yourself with the people doing that thing
  • Bring out the best in humanity and amplify our future on The Goodness Exchange
  • More information on how you can join in below
[19:41 –  28:12] Choosing Your Own Adventure
  • Christie talks about finding the wise voices
    • Combat the negative with an army of positive inspiration 
    • Be intentional about consuming positive stories 
  • How traveling/serendipity can play into your inspiration
    • A lifestyle of curiosity and growth
    • Christie talks about her travels in the world 
    • How Christie met her husband while traveling to Chile
    • Be willing not to have everything mapped out 
      • Trust the process
    • “First you jump off the cliff and you build your wings on the way down.” – Curt Vonnegut
[28:13 – 37:04] A Place for All Rowdy Creatives
  • Christie talks about the purpose of The Rowdy Creative
    • Started as a support group for creatives 
    • Conceptualized into a virtual neighborhood for creatives
    • Helping people feel good online 
    • An ecosystem filled with people with similar interests
  • Going down a path paved with meaning 
    • Facing the monster of negativity 
      • Protected from failure, but kept from succeeding
    • Writing FEAR at the top of every new idea 
      • Let it air its grievances then shut it up 
    • Find positive voices as a counterweight to negativity
[37:05 – 40:27] Closing Segment
  • How to connect/engage with Christie and her work
    • Links below 
  • One thing Christie would love to do to open the doors to change
    • More people hearing the message of creativity 
    • Creativity is in how you live, not just what you do 
  • I remind us about the 4 shifts 
    • If you find goodness share it!
  • Give a review and rating, and share this episode with others
  • Final announcements 

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