Trust the River of Life: Stop Rowing Upstream with Debbie Gisonni (Episode #68)

If you are starting to think your dreams and goals need an update, this episode will open many amazing new paths of possibility, including a very fresh take on UN-following your dreams and creating better ones! 

Debbie Gisonni, has been an C-suite executive and advisor, author, public speaker and is a serious thought leader in the world of inspiring people to make simple changes that radically improve their well-being and success, whether that be in their life, work or business strategy.

It is possible to wind up somewhere even better than you ever dreamt by reimagining your dreams after a major setback. Finding your best self may also involve walking away from doing or being what others think is best. 

She asks one simple, powerful question and helps us formulate all kinds of empowering answers. 

    “Is what we are doing, saying, being getting us closer or farther from happiness?”

Debbie opens the door to possibilities we didn’t even know we had and you will come away from this interview feeling anything is possible. 

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[00:01 – 6:40] Opening Segment
  • I introduce Debbie Gisonni 
    • Bio 
  • Debbie shares about the positivity that is currently happening in the world 
    • Employees questioning their job’s cultures 
    • People were forced to be with themselves 
    • There are massive shifts happening in people’s lives 
[06:41 – 16:31] Self Awareness and Silencing Mental Chatter
  • Debbie talks about the power of choice 
    • Everything that happens, happens exactly at the time it’s needed 
    • The only thing you can control is “the now” 
    • Tell the pesky voice “Stop! this is not true!” 
  • The power of self-awareness
    • Knowing who you are
    • You can’t step forward if you don’t know yourself 
    • The issue of living in the “outer world” 
    • Stop the mental chatter with silence 
  • Asking better questions and getting loving answers 
    • The power of pen and paper – write questions 
    • Answer yourself with love 
  • How to practice silence 
    • Meditation doesn’t always have to be quiet
    • It’s important to “play” to reconnect with your spirit 
[16:32 –  32:23] What to Do When Your Dreams Don’t Come True
  • Debbie talks about dealing with disappointment 
    • Retraining the mind for positivity 
    • Not everybody reaches the level of their dream
    • Celebrate every moment 
    • Debbie’s journey as an author facing disappointment 
      • Remember the real reason you did something
    • If you love something then continue to do it
  • There is no one path 
    • Continue to move forward in openness and optimism 
    • Obstacles are important 
    • There are no guarantees or good time – just do what you want
  • Bring out the best in humanity and amplify our future on The Goodness Exchange
    • More information on how you can join in below
[32:24 –  51:42] Trust the River of Life: Stop Rowing Upstream
  • Debbie breaks down her view of life’s river
    • Rivers only flow in one direction 
    • Most of us only try to row upstream 
    • Problems are part of the river’s flow, you have to go through it
    • You will be ok 
  • We can’t control everything 
    • You can only control how you react 
  • Thoughts on change 
    • Facing the fear of being wrong
    • How to change your mind 
      • Framing things positively 
    • Stop worrying about the outside world 
    • “The path of least resistance” 
      • It’s less change but we suffer a lot longer 
  • Incorporating gratitude into your life
    • Gratitude is the key to happiness
    • Gratitude makes us live in the now 
    • How to exercise gratitude 
      • Breaking out of “why me?” 
    • Accept what is 
  • Be open to possibilities 
    • Surrender is not giving up, but following the river’s flow 
    • What is your definition of success? 
      • Try not to define the outcome 
    • Sometimes we need to “unfollow our dreams” 
      • It’s okay to let it go 
[51:43 – 57:06] Closing Segment
  • There are gifts hidden in the tragedies 
    • You have the choice to find positivity 
  • How to connect with Debbie and her work
    • Links below 
  • Final announcements

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