Embrace Change: Turn it into the Spice of Life! with Rodney Flowers

When we left our last conversation with Rodney Flowers, we learned how a football injury almost took away his mobility completely. Instead of giving up, he made a conscious decision to transform his destiny to inspire others to do the same.

Today, Rodney is no longer confined to a wheelchair and is an internationally recognized Transformational Speaker. He travels the world coaching individuals, groups, businesses and organizations alike, to share his story and teach the principles that inspire and motivate people to overcome challenges, find strength in adversity, and never give up on their dreams and aspirations!

In this episode, we are going to talk about how Rodney navigates changes in life using the 7 strategies of resilience. When you listen in, you’ll realize that change is a good thing and if handled right, can push you towards your purpose.

I can’t wait for you to dive back into our second conversation with Rodney Flowers and learn how he not only embraces change but uses it to add some flavor and spice to life.

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“I believe in progress… because that’s where the growth happens, that’s where the miracle happens.” – Rodney Flowers

“Sometimes change causes you, calls you, forces you and nudges you to expand your core, to be a better version of yourself.” – Rodney Flowers

“Change is progress because it causes us to step outside what is comfortable… It offers you the opportunity to get familiar by expanding your core.” – Rodney Flowers

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Connect with Rodney on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. You can also email directly at [email protected]. Check out https://rodneyflowers.com and learn how to gain resilience for any challenge.

[00:01 – 9:49] Opening Segment
  • I introduce Rodney Flowers
    • Quick recap
  • Rodney shares the opportunity we have in these challenging times
    • It takes real courage to get to the other side of an obstacle
    • With every challenge is the seed of opportunity
      • The bigger the challenge the bigger the opportunity
    • Break through the status quo to open your mind 
  • Rodney reminds us about the value of the process 
    • Les Brown – “Shoot for the moon…” 
    • Go for 100% of the vision 
    • The miracle is in the process not the arrival
[09:50 – 26:11] Strategies for Resilience: Embrace Change as Progress
  • Rodney recaps his story of ‘walking up the hill’ 
    • “There are no shortcuts in life” 
    • Overcoming challenges can give strength to others 
    • Challenges happen FOR you not TO you 
  • An intro to resilience and setting yourself up for it
    • Nature fulfills its purpose
    • Think about the role you play 
    • Challenges are opportunities to improve in your role
  • 1st Strategy: Be okay with embracing the notion of change
    • Change is GOOD – it brings growth and expansion
    • Mastership is achieved outside of your core
    • “The one unchangeable certainty is that nothing is certain or unchangeable”
  • 2cd Strategy: Believe change as progress 
    • Initiate change – step outside your comfort zone
    • See change as a positive instead of a negative
    • Change is progress and progress is good
[26:12 –  45:46] Strategies for Resilience: Newness and Transformation
  • 2cd Strategy: Recognize the newness that change introduces
    • ‘The Law of Polarity’ – there is always balance
    • What is the creative opportunity in this challenge? 
    • A shift in perception can help you see beyond uncertainty 
  • Dreams and goals are for YOU too
    • Achieving greatness isn’t a perfect picture 
    • You have the capacity to overcome anything 
  • 4th Strategy: Believe that change can be transformative 
    • Resilience is something you want to develop before needing it
    • Build the muscle by adding resistance 
    • Stay in the ‘burn’ to get the transformation
    • Change vs. transformation
      • You can get the changes but never transform 
    • Take on the identity of who you want to be 
      • Put yourself in a power play position 
      • You want to be a CEO? Learn to think like a CEO
    • Success is who you are, not what you do
    • Transformation come from an adoption of different values 
[45:47 – 52:36] Strategies for Resilience: Turn it into the Spice of Life!
  • 5th Strategy: Recognize and explore the array of options 
    • What is serving you and what is not serving you? 
    • Look for the windows of opportunity and make decisions 
  • 6th and 7th Strategy: Perceive change as the spice of life 
    • By default you are on the field of adversity 
    • Challenges are the experiences of the game of life 
    • Become the MVP and champion of your own life
[52:37 – 57:50] Closing Segment
  • How Rodney can make a bigger impact
    • Turning this message into a movie 
  • How to connect with Rodney
    • Links below 
  • Final announcements 

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