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Wrap up each week on a positive note with our Today in Goodness newsletter featuring our top content from the week, goodness on the horizon, and good news from around the world. 

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What Lights You Up? Untangling Life’s Complexities with Jonathan Domsky (Episode #127)

Jonathan Domsky talks with Dr. Lynda about untangling life’s complexities with a positive outlook and strategy. Their conversation provides insight into seeing the things that are working and uncovering beliefs that may have us “stuck.” His experience in helping others get clarity and his international success as an entrepreneur allows him to offer practical solutions for our personal and professional lives. 

Episode Highlights

About Our Guest:

At 24 years old, Jonathan Domsky began a journey that now intersects with a goal that many of us strive for every day: finding a satisfying balance between joy and challenge in our work and personal lives.

To do that, Jonathan has created “The Untangled Method,” a coaching framework that can empower us to realign our work and personal life with perspectives that are freeing and resilient. 

He points out that when we find ourselves repeatedly wrestling with the same challenge, it’s usually a good sign that we are not focusing on the right problem. 

And it’s not that the answer is right under our nose. No, it’s likely to be hidden between our ears. Turns out, our MINDSETS are what betray us when we let unconscious commitments, unfounded fears, and flawed assumptions take the reins.

The bad news: We’re all hard wired to do this to ourselves.

The good news: We might be just a few lightbulb moments away from taking back control.

You will get some of those from this interview!

Jonathan is a master of helping others get clarity: an expertise he honed while living an interesting life story. At the age of 24, he and his wife created a now global company called Kidorable, a famous global brand that produces fun, practical, and unique children’s accessories. You may know them by their iconic, adorable frog umbrella, or their ladybug, dinosaur, or panda raincoats and boots. 

Building an enormous international team from the ground up at such a young age taught Jonathan a lot about human nature, and the challenges inspired him to read over 3,000 books spanning topics including psychology, business, philosophy, and spirituality. And for a quarter century, he was learning about how to untangle the complexities that burden teams and individuals with loads of unnecessary stress and despair.

As he grew in his knowledge base and expertise, he realized that untangling the complexities that keep us from flourishing was becoming the most successful and rewarding part of his job. 

After decades in the business world, Jonathan also realized that he had no particular passion for the nuts and bolts of entrepreneurship, and one day, he simply walked away from it all, to practice as a life coach.

The transformative insights Jonathan shares often feel like small gifts hiding in plain sight. In fact, many seem so obvious after he points them out, that you can’t help but chuckle at yourself. The vast majority are limiting beliefs leftover from childhood, or scars from experiences that do not relate to our current situation at all, but here we are; carrying them along as dead weight.

Business achievers, owners and leaders seek Jonathan’s guidance for many different yet connected reasons: They feel exhausted or unfulfilled, and Jonathan helps them with balance, purpose, clarity and relationships.

After our delightful conversation, you will leave with some truths that you can’t unsee (in a good way) and those fresh perspectives will make you feel as though anything is possible. 

Resources Mentioned:

Show Notes

[00:00 – 04:00] OPENING

[04:01 – 09:30]

  • Why people make changes in their lives
  • What’s working in your life, what’s not working, and what can you choose
  • Pain is great for getting started but it’s not good for sustainable change

[09:31 – 15:14 ]

  • Finding what lights you up
  • Everyone loves themselves
  • When you live a life of alignment with your core values, everything feels right
  • The window through our WHY is through our stories

[15:15 – 24:15 ]

  • The outward mindset and the inward mindset
  • Grasping goals
  • Desire is what makes life worth it
  • The two kinds of desire

[24:15 – 28:00] BREAK

[28:01 – 32:20]

  • Looking for purpose in the wrong place
  • Reasons why people who work hard don’t have the lives that they envision for themselves
  • Find your HOW, WHY, and WHAT
  • Know how to get to where you want to be
  • Self-limiting beliefs may be preventing you from moving forward

[32:21 – 38:50]

  • A story on sabotaging yourself
  • What are you committed to?

[38:51 – 43:30]

  • “We can if…”
  • We only become resourceful when there is a lack of resources

[43:31 – 51:20 ]

  • Focus on what’s good
  • What you give your attention to expands
  • When was the last time you read something in the news that caused you to takeyou take action?

[51:21 – 56:15 ]

  • Life is a curriculum perfectly designed for a better purpose
  • We cannot change this moment but we can change the next one
  • The stories we are telling ourselves
  • Look at the gap to see what’s missing

[56:16 – 58:33] CLOSING

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