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Image: Two men sitting on logs beside a lake, symbolic of interacting with empathy

Empathy is the Renewable Resource We Can Tap Into Now

What if empathy was at the heart of the solution to changing the divisiveness that feels so dominant now? It turns out empathy isn't a set trait, it's something we can learn to develop, and it's super easy to start! Here's how you can easily start making a positive change!
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Image: A person playing a cello as part of the Street Symphony program.

Bringing the Symphony to the Street

We have all felt the connective and uplifting power of a great musical performance. But what if you couldn't access to those moments that most feed your soul? Thanks to the work of a remarkable organization, the residents of LA facing homelessness and incarceration, these moments are no longer lost.
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Image: A man looking in the mirror, representative of befriending your inner demons.

Don’t Overcome Your Demons, Make them Your Friends

As kids we’re told to treat others as you’d like to be treated, but as adults many of us have trouble extending that “golden rule” to ourselves. How often do you find yourself thinking, saying, or believing things about yourself that are so unsavory you would certainly never say them to others? What if instead of trying to fight those inner demons, we decided to give them a high five, maybe even a hug?
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Image: A boat creating a circular wave behind it in the ocean, representing how preventing things is much easier than dealing with their fallout.

How Forward Thinking Prevents Disaster

Have you ever heard the famous Ben Franklin saying, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?" And yet, our society is entirely reactive to existing problems, struggling to get the public interested in preventing tragedy before it strikes. Here's why that is, and what we can do to take more preemptive action both for the world and in our own lives.
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Image: Artist Andrew Meyers painting the portrait of George Wurtzel that's made of nails.

What if Art Was Meant to be Touched?

Ever wanted to touch the art in a museum? Artists like these fellows are encouraging all of us to! Here's a touching story about the power that tactile art can have across many communities. 
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Image: Louisa on Chuck's chest

Micro-Preemie turns 21: Twelve Lessons to Use when Tragedy Strikes

When life gets difficult there's always something we can learn and use for the rest of our lives. 21 years ago, Dr. Lynda (The Goodness Exchange's founder) gave birth to a 1 pound baby when she was just into the 5th month of her pregnancy. She picked up a few pearls of wisdom in the years that followed—here are 12.
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