Image: A whale from above.


These stories celebrate the world’s incredible natural wonders. From breathtaking landscapes to the tiniest creatures on Earth, the natural world has the power to remind us it’s still an amazing world.

Finger lime

Savoring the Flavor of the Moment with Lemon Caviar!

Can the juicy insides of citrus fruit change the way we experience life? We're pausing to savor the moments that delight, starting with a tiny fruit that has a tasty, sunshiney surprise inside! Take your taste buds on an adventure by discovering the wonder in the caviar of the Finger Lime!
Image: Grasshopper Mouse eating a scorpion

Hear the Howl of the Mightiest Mouse of the Desert!

Many don't know of the fearless predator that roams the desert of New Mexico. The grasshopper mouse may look adorable, but don't let its cute exterior fool you. One of their favorite foods is the most venomous scorpion in North America. And how they catch their lunch could end up helping you, too! 
Image: Green sea turtle swimming

How TurtleCams are Enlisting Turtles to Protect their Ocean!

Do you remember the viral video of the sea turtle with a straw stuck in its nose? It changed the way many people saw our ocean plastic problem. And now, the scientists behind that video are keeping the positive momentum going—this time turning to the turtles themselves for footage of how we can help make a difference!
Image: Geoduck

A Funny-Looking Clam That’s Saving Communities!

Can a clam help keep a culture alive? The impact the geoduck has had on the communities of the American Northwest goes even further, bringing together culinary experts, conservationists, and pallets around the globe! This intriguing mollusk is way more than just a delicacy on your plate!
Image: hornet wearing a crown

Meet These Queens of the Bug World!

Powerful kingdoms are rising and falling all around us, each created and lead by a mighty queen. But what's it like to be a queen in the insect world? We're taking a royal tour through the lives of a wasp and a fire ant queen to learn what's happening inside these busy colonies.
Image: fly that mimics bees sitting on a red flower

The Fabulous World of Flies!

If you like chocolate and avocados, you have flies to thank for it! Flies are everywhere and may be some of the coolest creatures on our planet. So, let's get to know these remarkable little creatures.

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