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Wrap up each week on a positive note with our Today in Goodness newsletter featuring our top content from the week, goodness on the horizon, and good news from around the world. 

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Here’s Your Permission Slip to Embrace Your Individuality with Abby Wren and Wade Holland (Episode #175)

Abby Wren and Wade Holland are pushing back the edges of what’s “acceptable” and opening up a whole new landscape for people who would like to celebrate their uniqueness more. If your inner light is being dimmed, even a little, by the pressure to fit in or some other life circumstance or limitation, this episode is for you.



About Our Guests:

Get ready to meet a dynamic duo of creativity and wonder who will make you feel free to celebrate your uniqueness! Abby Wren and Wade Holland are YouTube content creators with over 500,000 fans, and there is a reason for that: they bring a vibrant energy of pure wonder to everything they do and every place they go.

Their creative media house, Wrenegade Media, is the culmination of creative and purpose-driven production, and it has produced award-winning series, creative campaigns, and countless other types of media for global networks and brands around the world.

Their goal is best summed up by something Wade said early on in our first meeting at See Change, an innovation conference in Burlington, Vermont:

 ”Carry on in a way that uplifts others… It’s a human ripple effect!” 

– Wade Holland

All of Abby and Wade’s videos are about uplifting other people in some way. Best of all, though, they are not just pushing the boundaries of creativity to increase their influencer status; their creative journeys are all about advocacy. 

Abby Wren advocates for the process of self-discovery and self-esteem in folks who may not always feel or see their own beauty, because they have a condition called Alopecia: an autoimmune disease that causes the immune system to believe that hair is a foreign body it must get rid of. She lost her hair at age 15, and again in her adult life, and she shares her journey with people who may benefit from learning fresh perspectives about the condition, and what beauty really is.  

“It’s important to overcome some of that negativity with some REALLY overwhelmingly LOUD positivity!”

– Abby Wren

That pretty much says it all when it comes to how she leads her life. 

An advocate is not all she is, either; Abby is also creative makeup artist and seasoned video creator, and she blends her vibrant artistry with compelling videography that encourages others to embrace their individuality through bold creative expression. Her bald head has become her unique canvas for work like this:

Abby’s work is inspiring people every day, especially those dealing with hair loss and how it affects their own self image. (You may have seen her Mike Wazowski look that went viral back in 2020.)

Her husband, Wade Holland, meanwhile, is a veteran creative director and video producer. Wade channels his passion for blending digital media with his deep love for the outdoors as he fills the world with “infinite stoke” through his colorful, fun video content.

He is simply a master of electric video storytelling, and he says he does it all because he lives to make people feel comfortable doing things that they never thought they could do. Wade wants to help people feel the rejuvenation of nature and reconnect with their inner child by re-imagining the infinite ways to celebrate life outside.

You only have to watch Wade’s video of the pumpkin helmet mountain bike ride to appreciate the magic and wonder that he is bringing into the world.

Both originally from Montana, the story of Wade and Abby’s serendipitous meeting in Vancouver makes it so easy to imagine the creative and romantic fireworks that ensued—and proves that the connections can come in mysterious and amazing ways when you’re open to life’s many possibilities.

In this episode, Wade and Abby share perspectives on everything from dressing with maximum color to hiking vibrantly, and give us some tips about using creativity to ask better questions that solve problems in original ways. We also talk about some amazing gratitude practices: Pillar cornerstone activities that keep you grounded, like taking a walk, cuddling with a pet or a loved one, or even simple things like watching the bird feeder for fifteen minutes.

Through gripping video storytelling, interviews, and event participation, Wade Holland and Abby Wren are encouraging their communities to celebrate their uniqueness, one creative idea at a time. They bring a helpful, hopeful, wildly fun eclectic individuality to every space they enter, including their interview here with us at the Goodness Exchange.

References Mentioned:


  • 00:00 – Intro & Welcome
  • 03:05 – Exploring Creative Journeys and Advocacy
  • 07:59 – The Significance of Authentic Connections
  • 11:25 – Embracing Vulnerability and Personal Growth
  • 17:26 – Cultivating a Positive Impact Through Social Media
  • 25:25 – Navigating Personal and Professional Growth
  • 33:08 – Embracing New Opportunities and Change
  • 41:00 – Break
  • 43:15 – The Role of Support Systems and Community
  • 49:58 – Future Aspirations and Continuing the Journey
  • 57:03 – Concluding Thoughts

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