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Kick off each week on a positive note with our Today in Goodness newsletter featuring our top content from the week, goodness on the horizon, and good news from around the world. 

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6 Approaches For When You Are Thrust Into Change with Lisa Gable (Episode #69)

Presidential and Secretarial Advisor, U.S. Ambassador, UN Delegate, Corporate Executive, WSJ Bestselling Author with Leadership at the Highest Levels of Business, Government, and Military Sectors, Public Speaker – all things that describe Lisa Gable’s impact on the world!

Lisa Gable has served four U.S. presidents and two governors, counseled Fortune 500 CEOs, and represented global public-private partnerships and nonprofits with an end goal of moving organizations to higher levels of performance. 

She has been responsible for bringing together political parties, corporate competitors and disparate nations alike, to foster quality leadership and results that better society.

Called by the The Wall Street Journal “committed to the facilitation of success”, She was appointed the first female U.S. Commissioner General to the 2005 Aichi World EXPO and held the rank of ambassador. 

Lisa has seen it all, and in her best selling book, Turnaround, she educates readers on how she is able to take the biggest problems, challenging those obstacles, and turning it around into success both personally and professionally. 

Let’s tap into Lisa’s incredible experience and expertise to learn 6 approaches for when you are thrust into change.

Resources Mentioned:




  • When We Were Soldiers

Connect with Lisa on LinkedIn and Twitter. Visit https://turnaroundbook.com/ and create a match fit path for your future.

[00:01 – 5:0] Opening Segment

  • I introduce Lisa Gable
    • Bio 
  • Lisa shares a bit of her story and experience
    • The opportunity to meet amazing people
    • The opportunity to make turnarounds in the White House
      • Later in Silicon Valley 
    • How she became a professional “troubleshooter” for businesses

[05:01 – 27:45] Imposter Syndrome and Personal Turnarounds

  • Lisa’s thoughts on picking up the mantle of leadership
    • Looking at the people who have impacted our history 
    • The example of 9/11
      • Ordinary people rose up and became ‘heroes’ 
    • The example of UPS
      • Ordinary UPS delivery people delivering the vaccine
    • Do you stand up when the moment arises? 
  • The importance of ‘expanding your table’
    • Every new person is an opportunity to build relationships
    • Recognize a need and take action to fill it 
  • Battling self-doubt and imposter syndrome
    • There is no right or wrong, just have confidence 
    • Recognize this is a rapidly changing world – no one has all the answers
    • You just have to make decisions
    • Lisa gives an example from the movie When We Were Soldiers
      • Through your training in life you have relevant abilities 
  • “The First One In” – what does it mean?
    • Lisa’s story of getting interested in military leadership at a young age
    • “I wasn’t an imposter… I was just the first one to the party” 
    • We’re all trying to figure it out – learn as you move forward
    • Ask the questions to the things you don’t know 
    • How the Pandemic has given us a reset
  • Giving people hope through the Turnaround
    • Writing to give people skills and hope that things can get better 
    • Key factor: Do it with hear and understand your impact on people 
    • Ranking and rating your decisions and priorities 
    • The importance of getting good at navigating change
  • We are all hiking up the mountain
    • It’s ok to be down, but you need to get back up 
    • Take you next action to help someone else
  • Bring out the best in humanity and amplify our future on The Goodness Exchange
    • More information on how you can join in below

[27:45 –  43:26] Challenging Your Crisis, Making Transitions, Finding Best Fits

  • “My greatest stumbling blocks have actually presented my greatest opportunities”
    • Challenge your crisis
      • Don’t let it defeat you, it may be what you need 
    • The concept of playing “Musical Chairs”
    • Lisa’s story of navigating a crisis
      • From unemployment to a successful agency 
  • Going through the process of rejection
    • Realize these aren’t the matches for you 
  • Finding your best fit
    • Leave your job in a good way 
    • Manage your exit as much as your entry
    • Leave your relationships with dignity and respect
      • Life is a soap opera 
  • The need for vulnerability in a successful turnaround
    • Pull the bandaid off and be honest with people 
    • Shuttle diplomacy – listen to people’s point of view
      • Give a human touch to your actions

[43:27 – 51:46] Encouraging Adventure

  • You need to be ready to embrace change at any moment 
  • People’s sense of adventure on moving forward
    • Dealing with the restrictions of your current situation
    • There is so much world out there 
    • We should be out there exploring
  • Lisa’s practical tips on finding your best fit
    • We are a new environment
    • People are flowing through jobs
      • There is no perfect path 

[51:47 – 57:37] Closing Segment

  • Cultivating what we are meant to contribute
    • You were built for a particular time 
  • How to connect/engage with Lisa and her work
    • Links below 
  • Final announcements 

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