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Wrap up each week on a positive note with our Today in Goodness newsletter featuring our top content from the week, goodness on the horizon, and good news from around the world. 

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An Astronaut’s View: Flourishing on Spaceship Earth Together with Nicole Stott (Episode #181)

Astronaut Nicole Stott isn’t your average adventurer; she’s one of the few individuals who have had the privilege of leaving Earth and venturing into the vast unknown, experiencing the wonder of living and working aboard a shuttle and the ISS. With over 100 days spent in space, Nicole has gained a unique perspective on our planet and the universe beyond.



About Our Guest:

Like many of the thought leaders we interview on the podcast, Nicole Stott’s journey began more or less the same as anyone’s. (“Ordinary as corn” is how we say it where I grew up in Illinois.) She was raised in Clearwater, Florida, and like many children, she dreamed of reaching for the stars—but unlike most, she turned that dream into a reality, through dedication, hard work, and an unyielding passion for exploration.

After studying aeronautical engineering at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Nicole began her career at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. Her role as a NASA engineer provided her with invaluable experience and expertise, laying the groundwork for her future endeavors.

In 2000, Nicole Stott was selected as a NASA astronaut candidate, marking the beginning of an extraordinary chapter in her life. Over the next decade, she underwent rigorous training, preparing both mentally and physically for the challenges of extraterrestrial exploration. Her perseverance and determination paid off in 2009, when she was assigned to her first spaceflight aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery and International Space Station (ISS).

During her time aboard the International Space Station (ISS), Nicole experienced firsthand the wonders of microgravity, and the beauty of Earth from above. From conducting scientific experiments to performing spacewalks—including one memorable excursion outside the ISS—she played a vital role in advancing our understanding of space, and its potential for exploration and discovery.

Perhaps even more profound than the scientific achievements, however, were the personal revelations Nicole had during her time off-planet; looking down at our planet from orbit, she gained a newfound appreciation for the fragility and interconnectedness of life on Earth. It’s an experience that has left an indelible mark on her perspective, shaping her outlook on humanity’s place in the universe.

Since returning to Earth, Nicole Stott has dedicated herself to sharing her experiences and inspiring others to pursue their own dreams of extraterrestrial exploration. Through public speaking engagements, educational outreach, and her work as an artist, she continues to ignite curiosity and foster a sense of wonder about the cosmos.

As if all that was not enough for one glorious lifetime, she is also an accomplished artist, whose vibrant work captures the beauty and wonder of the cosmos in compelling detail. Through her paintings, Nicole seeks to inspire others to embrace their sense of curiosity about the universe, encouraging a deeper connection to the world around us.

In our conversation with Nicole, we’ll delve into the insights, surprises and transformational moments of her missions, exploring the celebratory moments and challenges of life beyond our atmosphere. We’ll also uncover the profound insights she’s gained about our planet, and the broader universe. 

Best of all, we will be celebrating her book, Back to Earth: What Life in Space Taught Me About Our Home Planet and Our Mission to Protect It, which gives us all a fabulous glimpse into the awe-inspiring beauty and complexity of the universe outside our world. Through vivid storytelling and breathtaking imagery, Nicole invites readers on a journey of self-discovery and reflection, highlighting the interconnectedness of all life on Earth. She offers readers a deeply personal account of her time away from the Earth, and the profound impact it had on her perspective.

Join us as we lift off into the cosmos with astronaut Nicole Stott, and prepare to be inspired by her extraordinary journey among the stars.

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  • 0:00 – Intro & Welcome
  • 2:28 – Don’t Forget: You Live on a Planet
  • 5:45 – What is the Overview Effect?
  • 13:39 – Break
  • 15:55 – The Power of the Overview Effect
  • 20:11 – Spaceship Earth
  • 31:26 – Change Contempt to Curiosity
  • 45:05 – Nicole’s Book
  • 49:22 – Be a Crewmate on Planet Earth
  • 51:40 – Closing

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