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Image: man holding bag, pouring in contents to fill pothole in busy road

Why Would One Man Fill 600 Potholes?

What helped you after experiencing a loss? For one father, his motivation after the death of his son came from exactly what put him in the situation in the first place: potholes. Now, he’s saved countless lives by taking on this problem and becoming a change-maker himself; filling in over 600 potholes by hand! Here’s the amazing story.

In 2017, potholes alone were the cause of at least 10 deaths a day in India, 1 racking up a total of approximately 3,597 lives lost and 25,000 others injured by the end of the year. 2

Dadarao Bilhore lost his son to a pothole-related accident in 2015. The death left Dadarao with a sense that something had to be done. So, spurred on by his son’s memory, he took to the streets and began filling the potholes himself.

His is a story that reminds us of the power of the individual. We don’t need to sit and hope that some “bigger” power will swoop in and solve a problem for us. We have all that we need to make the change ourselves and inspire others as well.

Image: man holding bag, pouring in contents to fill pothole in busy road
Dadarao Bilhore filling in a pothole.
Courtesy of Great Big Story

“I said to myself, how can I sit here when there are cars falling into potholes right outside my shop? I lost my child because of this, I didn’t want anybody else to lose their child in this manner.”

Dadarao Bilhore

One of our favorite creators, Great Big Story, introduces us to Dadarao and his efforts in this beautiful short video. Watch how his dedicated efforts have spurred on a grassroots movement around India — all because he showed the sort of impact that every one of us can have.

Via: Great Big Story 3

Learn more about the pothole problem in India, and why it’s so difficult to solve, in this article from The Better India. (It’s actually quite interesting!) For a more humorous way of how people are tackling this problem… take a look at what this artist did in 2015.

Find more awesome content from Great Big Story over on their website, YouTube channel, or by following them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

“When we meet real tragedy in life, we can react in two ways – either by losing hope and falling into self-destructive habits or by using the challenge to find our inner strength.”

The Dalai Lama

There really isn’t much that can prepare us for our encounters with loss and tragedy. But there are people around the world who can inspire us when we’re questioning how to move forward with it.

Think of all the foundations started after a loved one has passed away; think of the movements, of the people who have now found the power to speak up through injustice, taking action where others have fallen short. Every one of us can make an impact on a better life for our communities.

 It just takes one person to get the ball rolling.

Rigorous Intention In Action

The following articles have something in common: the amazing organizations and movements were all started by the efforts of one person. See how easily a single person can change the lives of many:

The Unexpected Ways Surfing is Helping Youth Heal

Life is tough, but it’s a whole lot easier when we’re around people who share similar experiences in a no pressure environment. Waves for Change is one of the organizations out there harnessing the power of sport and play to create environments where children are able to open up and heal!

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Guerrilla Gardener Takes on South Central LA

Meet Ron Finley; an amazing fellow who’s come up with a better idea than battling over turf. How about using “turf” in a very old way! Take a look!

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Stay open to new possibilities!

  • Sam

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” —Albert Einstein 

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  3. Great Big Story. “He’s Filled 600 Potholes in Memory of His Son.” YouTube, 6 May 2019, https://youtu.be/SdbLDCL55Bc.
Image: Samantha Burns

Sam Burns

Former Editor-In-Chief

Sam wrote and edited hundreds of articles during her time on the Goodness Exchange team from 2016-2021. She wrote about topics from the wonders of nature to the organizations changing the world and the simple joys in life! Outside of the Goodness Exchange, she’s a part-time printmaker, collector of knick-knacks, and procurer of cheeses.

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