Image: A hand holding an analog clock in front of a pink and blue background, a metaphor for time blocking.

Stop Writing To-Do Lists, Try Time Blocking Instead

Get milk, check. Pay bills, check. Call mom, check… Goodness gracious, it seems like that to-do list is a never-ending one. And when you’ve check, check, checked, it seems like there are even more things to add on. A standard to-do list tells you what needs to be done, but time blocking tells you when you’re going to do it. With this well-researched technique, you can break down that overwhelming list into manageable time blocks that will help improve your life by ensuring you do the things that matter and ignore the things that don't.
Image: A woman in bed on her phone, revenge bedtime procrastination.

Revenge Bedtime Procrastination: Are You Doing It Too?

Have you ever worked so much during the day that you delay your bedtime? Instead of sleeping, you binge on the movies you’ve missed on Netflix, scroll through your social media, or catch up with people you haven’t talked to in a while? Well, there’s a name for that. And it’s called revenge bedtime procrastination. Are you doing it too?

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