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Image: A woman peering between the arms of a movie clapper.

Lesson From a Blockbuster Movie

What is the story that you are telling yourself about the things that bother you? Are you facing financial problems, relationship issues, health concerns, career stagnation? How do you face each of these? What happens to you is important. The story you tell yourself about what happens to you is much more important.
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Image: Two women, arms slung around each other's shoulders, walking down a nature path. The two share their troubles with each other.

Should I Tell, or Not?

Everyone needs advice from time to time, but perhaps more important than the advice itself is the person who is giving it. Here are some criteria for you to consider before confiding in others.
Image: Three lemons, symbolic of what to do when, as the saying goes, life gives you lemons.

To Heck With Gratitude! (How To Be Grateful When Life Throws You Lemons)

Are you sick and tired of being told that you should be "grateful" for the wonderful things in your life? I frequently, very frequently, advise persons to feel grateful for their lot in life. I ask them to feel grateful for what they are and what they do and the great good fortune that has been bestowed on them. For those who are ready to listen, I go further and ask them to just be grateful and not grateful ‘for’ anything.
Image: A stop sign half submerged in water. Is it a good thing, or a bad thing?

Good Thing, Bad Thing, Who Knows?

Go back in your life. Has anything happened to you that, at the time it happened, you thought was a ‘bad thing’? But, looking back at it today, you can clearly see that it was not so bad and, perhaps, was even a ‘good thing?’ Most people can recall many such instances. So, is it possible that what you are today about to label a ‘bad thing’ could, at some point in the future, turn out to have been a ‘good thing?’
Image: A person holding an iPhone with Google Maps open, looking down a road with autumn leaves.

A Lesson From Google Maps

Could there be something to learn from Google Maps? Is there a wisdom in calmly moving on to the solution when you miss a turn instead of dwelling on the mistake? Here's how we could stand to learn something from Google Maps.
Image: An individual standing on a peak with one leg and both arms extended in front of an orange sunset, symbolizing that there is no such thing as peace of mind.

There Is No Such Thing As Peace of Mind!

We are living in unusually turbulent times. But when you try to ‘quiet’ your mind, when you try to ‘control’ it, you are doomed to failure. You are simply feeding energy to something that you have created, and which does not exist except you think it does. Your mind does not exist. It is fiction. It is unreal. It comes into being because you think it exists. Here's how you can actually live peacefully in these crazy times.

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