We spend so much time working. Why not enjoy it? Here’s invaluable advice from experienced professionals and examples of successful organizations that can help you, wherever you are in your working journey.

Image: Jenn Lim

Recognizing Everyone’s Superpower to Reshape Work Cultures with Jenn Lim (Episode #84)

Do you really have a feeling of fulfillment and happiness when you’re at your workplace? Are you sure that what you’re chasing is meaningful for your life? If you’re asking yourself these questions, you’re probably struggling to find the value or purpose in what you’re doing. CEO and Co-Founder of Delivering Happiness, Jenn Lim, has some impactful thoughts about how we can all be happier at work.
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Image: Erinch Sahan

Getting Businesses to Care About Our Future through Doughnut-Inspired Solutions with Erinch Sahan (Episode #77)

Have you ever heard of Doughnut Economics? When change is needed on a large scale, this Goldilocks-like way of thinking considers not the nitty-gritty nor the large scale, but the sweet spot in our thinking that can actually allow us to make progress. Erinch Sahan has been exploring and promoting this mindset for over 10 years and is focused on helping businesses use it to prioritize realistic social and environmental change. What in your life could change when you think like Goldilocks eating a doughnut?
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Image: David Weaver

Learning to Unlock a Growth Mindset with David Weaver (Episode #73)

David Weaver is a creative thinker, habit hacker, and raconteur. He is the kind of person who can help us to break up routines and provide more perspectives that will be more useful to meet the times, and move through the world with more insight, courage and wonder. Join us in a journey that people cannot even predict!
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