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Image: A man smiling in front of a beautiful view. Intrinsic Happiness.

How to Turn off Your Phone and Rediscover Intrinsic Happiness

In what’s become a very public world, we desperately need private moments. Moments where we simply enjoy ourselves or share the moment with others who are present. Moments to praise in private, moments to celebrate and reflect. Moments where the moment itself, and our enjoyment of it, can be enough. So how can we set down our phones and make an effort to be present in the moment?
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Image: A man leaning against a counter, looking down at his phone. Telemarketer and me.

The Telemarketer and Me – A Valuable Lesson

How many people do we run across that we cavalierly ignore? Janitors? Waitresses? Cab drivers? Bell hops? Lawn care workers? Each of these is a human being with their own cares and dreams. So, what happened with this particular telemarketer, and what do we have to learn from it?
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Image: A woman in bed on her phone, revenge bedtime procrastination.

Revenge Bedtime Procrastination: Are You Doing It Too?

Have you ever worked so much during the day that you delay your bedtime? Instead of sleeping, you binge on the movies you’ve missed on Netflix, scroll through your social media, or catch up with people you haven’t talked to in a while? Well, there’s a name for that. And it’s called revenge bedtime procrastination. Are you doing it too?
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Image: Body Armor

The Body Armor We No Longer Need

When the body armor that was once crucial for our protection starts to weigh us down, what do we do? How do we ensure that we no longer carry the weight of a battle we're no longer fighting? Here's Bob Glazer's advice on how we can simultaneously grow and let things go.
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Image: A woman in a white shirt looking at her phone instead of her laptop, procrastinating.

4 Strategies to Stop Procrastinating and Start Living

Are you a master procrastinator? As Tim Urban explains, chronic procrastinators have three main characters at play in our brains: the Rational-Decision Maker, the Instant-Gratification Monkey, and the Panic Monster! So how can we keep the monkey at bay to stop procrastinating and start living?
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