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Image: Flowers in different stages of growth, symbolizing the growth that blooms from engaging safe discomfort

Why Safe Discomfort is Vital to Growth

We constantly hear from others that the best experiences in life happen when we’re outside our comfort zones. While we know this to be true, we often struggle to follow the advice when the opportunity presents itself. We struggle to distinguish between what’s actually risky and what’s just uncomfortable. Let's explore this through a few stories, shall we?
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Six Facets of Wonder

Jeffrey Davis shows us how to bring more wonder in our live using 6 paths: openness, curiosity, bewilderment, hope, connection, and affirmation.
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Invite the Difficult

Jeffery Davis inspires us to embrace what seems like an obstacle. We've done hard things before. He talks about "welcoming skepticism to the table."
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Good Vibes at the DMV

Brittney-Nichole shows us how putting good intention into our actions can create amazing positive ripple effects for those around you.
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