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The Business of Goodness video series is built to help you connect your work and your business to the Gratitude Economy–a larger economy where people have stopped shopping for the best deal, and instead, they lead with their values.

69% of consumers now self-identify as “values driven”, meaning they are making conscious choices to do business with individuals and companies who are doing their part for people and the planet. Is your organization ready to grow and thrive in this new way of doing business?

Why You Should Consider Your Legacy Every Working Hour

If you want a real sense of work/life balance, it won’t come down to how many hours you spend working, it will come down to doing work that engages what you are uniquely built to contribute. Legacy is the feelings you leave inside others. This video will help you expand your perspective about the sentiments of joy and confidence you are leaving in your wake all day every day.
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Want a Working Life with Purpose?

After watching this video you’ll understand what the “Gratitude Economy” is, you’ll start seeing signs of it all around you, and most importantly, you’ll see how to be a part of it, in both your working life and as a consumer.
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3 Ways to Help Your Business Stand Out

After watching this video you’ll learn three simple ways you and your business team can stand out from the crowd, and gain people’s unquestionable loyalty. You will also understand your own loyalty to businesses you love and be able to replicate those qualities in your working life.
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How Honesty Can Win Friends in the Gratitude Economy

Most of us have a circle of businesses that we consider “trusted advisors” in our lives. This is a huge part of the Gratitude Economy. It could be anyone from the dry cleaner you drive across town for, to the dental hygienist who tells it like it is, to a wise, grandfatherly attorney. In this video, you will learn why you want to be a “trusted advisor” to people and how to help customers feel like they have “an insider” in their corner, and that can be you!
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A New Way to Measure Success in the Gratitude Economy

Many of us in the Gratitude Economy have a cherished thank you note on our desk, or a tender voicemail of gratitude that we haven’t erased. In fact, if you are going the extra mile for folks, you probably get many “tender comments” from people whose lives you’ve improved. In this video you’ll learn how to use these metrics as a measure of success, instead of focusing on money… and why that matters.
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