Image: A close up of a woman with eyes closed, listening intently to use echolocation and see the world with sound

Collection Young People Who are Changing the Future

They say the future is in the hands of the next generation. That has never been more true than in the stories of these young people who have used their unique perspective on the world to have a positive impact. These stories will remind you that if we take the time to celebrate and nurture young minds like these, the future is bright!

Image: A valedictorian at commencement, facing the crowd of graduates the way this non-speaking valedictorian did in her speech.

Non-Speaking Valedictorian Gives College Commencement Speech

College commencement ceremonies highlight the transition from being a student to going out into the real world. The moving speech at Rollins College – a private college in Winter Park, Florida – on May 8, 2022, admonished the graduates to use their own voices and serve others. It was especially poignant because the valedictorian is a non-speaking autistic woman who never said a word.
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