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Wrap up each week on a positive note with our Today in Goodness newsletter featuring our top content from the week, goodness on the horizon, and good news from around the world. 

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Conspiracy of Goodness Summit: Live with Purpose 2021

The Conspiracy of Goodness Summit 2021: Live with Purpose


The most powerful asset that our world has to offer is people with good intentions. People like you and me. Imagine identifying and pursuing your dream, being fulfilled at work and at home, and feeling uplifted by a community of people who believe the world is a good place and get you.

We have put together an incredible lineup of speakers who are knee deep in making the world a better place, and who will be sharing their stories and insights on living with purpose in this recorded event with Q&A. They will inspire you and connect you to a community of people to expand and celebrate your journey.

The speakers are timestamped below so that you can easily learn from a speaker of your choice.

Connect more with our speakers below:

Stefanie Schaffer
• Website: https://www.steffindsnewroads.com/
• Email: [email protected]
• Facebook: @steffindsnewroads
• Instagram: stefanieschafferrr
• Hashtags: #StefFindsNewRoads #StefStrong
• Stef on the COG Podcast

Karl Sona
• Website: https://karlsona.com/
• Email: [email protected]
◦ Shoot him an email to ask for the Power List Karl talked about if you want access!
• Instagram: @karl.sona
• Karl’s Podcast, Dear Black CEO
• Karl on the COG Podcast

Kenton Lee
• Website: https://kentonlee.com/
• Donate to Because International 
• Email: [email protected]
• Phone: 208-697-4417
• Instagram: @kentonarthurlee
• Twitter: @kentonarthurlee
• Kenton on the COG Podcast

Hadiya Masieh
• Website: https://www.groundswellproject.org/
• Donate to The Groundswell Project
• Email: [email protected]
• Facebook: @GroundswellProjectUK
• Instagram: @groundswell_project
• Twitter: @GroundswellPro3
• Hadiya on the COG Podcast

Where you can find us!
• Dr. Lynda’s Book: Happiness is an Option: Thriving (Instead of Surviving) in the Era of the Internet
• TEDx Talk: Exposing the Conspiracy of Goodness 
• TEDx Talk: The Power of Pause
• Liesl on Instagram: @liesl.uv
• Liesl via Email: [email protected]
• Dr. Lynda on Instagram: @dr.lyundaulrich
• Follow Dr. Lynda on LinkedIn: Dr. Lynda Ulrich
• Dr. Lynda via Email: [email protected]

Our Speakers

Stefanie Schaefer

Stefanie Schaffer is a twenty-five year old Vermont native, a passionate writer, sponsored corporate ambassador, and public speaker. With a Bachelor’s degree in Public Health, Stefanie now applies her unique life experiences to her work in the health field, in the hopes of inspiring many to live their healthiest lives. After a shocking accident left Stefanie both an amputee and a paraplegic, introducing her to the challenges of life with a disability, Stefanie’s story is one she now shares to many businesses, nonprofits, and school settings, though she is most proud of her work as an ambassador to the American Red Cross, where she has multiplied attendance at blood drives, and is a commonly seen speaker at the Red Cross’s fundrasing events. Stefanie is passionate about her message that she shares, of mental and physical perseverance, and strives to inspire her listeners to make the most of their lives, live without regrets, and thrive within the face of challenges.

Karl Sona

Karl Sona has been a rainmaker for small to mid-sized companies for nearly a decade.  As CEO and Founder of The Kas Company, a Business Development Agency, Karl and his team utilize their talents for brokering mutually beneficial deals between large private sector corporations and service based minority owned businesses to help create opportunities that most business leaders are overlooking.  As a first-generation immigrant from Cameroon, Karl quickly learned the values of hard work backed by a determined mindset as he watched his parents navigate a new country in search of better opportunities for the family. However, it was only after seeing a privately held company where he was the top salesperson for years sell for 9 figures that he saw the unmet needs of large companies to diversify their supply chain.  Karl believes that majority ownership is the true path to financial freedom and generational wealth and is committed to helping minority owned firms grow into significant enterprises through partnerships with large companies he has built relationships with around the globe.

Kenton Lee

Kenton Lee is the founder of Because International and the creator of their first project The Shoe That Grows.  After spending time living at a small orphanage in Kenya he had the idea for a shoe that could expand its size.  It took six years to work on the idea.  But he and his friends succeeded in developing a shoe that can grow five sizes and last for years.  The cause accidentally went viral in 2015.  And now there are over 350,000 pairs of The Shoe That Grows on the feet of kids in over 100 countries.  Kenton continues to work full-time with Because International in areas of fundraising, grant-writing, strategic leadership, and new projects.  He and his wife Nikki live in his hometown of Nampa, Idaho with their two kids.

Hadiya Masieh

Hadiya Masieh is an expert consultant in the area of community cohesion, interfaith relations, counter extremism, and women’s involvement in extremism and radicalisation. Her experience spans over 22 years. She has been a counter extremism consultant for various Governments and NGOs worldwide. She has worked with both nonprofit and commercial organisations including Google and Facebook.

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