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Need a pick-me-up? These feel-good tales of people changing the world for the better will restore your confidence in humanity and put a spring in your step.

Image: Tilden Middle School Students in front of a poster that says "be the I in kind"

Helping Students Find Confidence by Helping Others!

Could there be a simple way to change the lives of young people around the world? They may be on to something at Tilden Middle School—helping their students build confidence, empathy, and kindness towards other people in just a single day. Here's how it works! (And how it can benefit you, too!) 
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Image: One of Josh Simpsons glass globes!

Hidden Planets in an Everyday World!

Have you ever received a gift from a stranger that changed your view of the world? Get ready to experience a mesmerizing ball of wonder that fits in the palm of your hand! Let us take you on a global scavenger hunt in search of Josh Simpson’s hidden glass Infinity Planets!
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image: Paper Cutout of the word love

How Do You Find the Right Words for Your Love?

Have you ever felt an emotion you didn't have the words for? This is where the beauty of other languages can step in. When it comes to love, there are a lot of feelings that English sometimes can't quite express, but other languages have captured that magic!
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Image: young people cooking in the kitchens of the Healing Meals Community Project

Feeding the Soul and Ending Loneliness

Can food fight loneliness? In the kitchens of the Healing Meals Community Project, food is giving people a place to come together, work in the service of others, and leave people changed for life!
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Image: jars of Pickals

Fighting ALS One Pickle at a Time!

When life throws us unexpected bad news, what do we do? The story of what Arthur Cohen turned his ALS diagnosis into may help you recognize your own tools to find your way through whatever pickle you may be facing!
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