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These feats of conservation and sustainability hold countless examples of people following their passions for protecting our planet. Let your curiosity guide you as you explore fascinating corners of our environments and discoveries that are moving us toward a greener future.

Image: A cluster of mangroves emerging from the salt water in Kenya.

What is a Mangrove and Why Are They One of The World’s Most Important Trees?

When you feel like you're in a hard situation, can you adapt to make it better for yourself and others? The remarkable mangrove trees do just that, making homes in salt water and saving the environments around them. They're living proof that when we find ways to thrive despite our challenges, we can make life better for everyone around us.
Image: A grocery store aisle of vegetables, all covered in plastic packaging.

New Natural Packaging You Can Eat Rather Than Trash!

Did you ever think that you would be able to eat your sandwich and the wrapping that protects it too? Amazingly, this is now a reality thanks to edible packaging, a sustainable alternative that now offers a replacement for single-use packaging.

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