Image: Two boats headed up a river in the Amazon rainforest

Can Technology Help the Rainforests?

The Amazon Rainforest keeps our air clean and breathable, is largely responsible for our chocolate, vanilla, and coffee, and is home to 10% of the world's species, including some of the most interesting and unique creatures on Earth. And yet, illegal loggers and deforestation threaten this important ecosystem. But now, researchers from Imazon have found a way to help politicians and activists take proactive steps against illegal roads and prevent deforestation before it happens.
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Image: A woman sat astride one of her local library's ebikes, holding her hands up in the air happily.

Libraries That Lend E-Bikes are Part of a Growing Trend

At the public library in Madison, Wisconsin, you can check out books, movies, and even electric bicycles. That’s right, city residents with library cards can check out an ebike to run errands on or just to enjoy cycling through the city. This library is one of many from Vermont to Texas who are joining in on this growing trend to encourage easy, green transportation.
A pair of legs sticking out of a dryer, wearing long yellow socks and white shoes, at a laundromat.

Special Laundromat Helps Families Stay Clean

Wearing clean clothing every day is not something to be taken for granted. This is why Pastor Leo Robinson II founded Good Laundry, a laundromat service for his North Flint, Michigan community and the surrounding neighborhoods, to combat hygiene poverty, Flint Beat reports. The laundry will be servicing around 100 families and helping them have access to clean clothes on a regular basis, at an affordable price. For these families, taking home a big pile of clean laundry is about much more than just hygiene, it can have a positive influence on many aspects of their lives. 

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