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Kick off each week on a positive note with our Today in Goodness newsletter featuring our top content from the week, goodness on the horizon, and good news from around the world. 

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Image: woman sifting through clothing racks at a vintage clothing store

Want to Meet Like-Minded People? Get Dressed!

Can a cardigan tell a total stranger who you are? Can a pair of shoes land you a job? Whether you are on a blind date or walking the halls on your first day at a new school, first impressions are important. So, what are our clothes saying about who we are right now? And how can we control the narrative? Here’s an insightful look into your wardrobe.

I don’t think that any one of us truly consider ourselves to be judgmental, but I’m pretty sure we are all guilty of making quick assumptions about people based on a glance. It’s ingrained in our brains as a survival mechanism, after all!

So, what if we had the ability to harness this “judgy” behavior? Could we transform it into something that beautifully represents our truest selves? Well, dear friend, you do have that power… and it’s hiding right there in your dresser drawers.

Image: woman sifting through clothes at a vintage clothing store
Source: Pixabay

The possibility lying underneath the legwarmers!

Remember, years ago, when you were really into 1980s glam rock? That huge hair and neon spandex trends may not have stood the test of time, but one thing is for sure: when people saw you, they immediately knew what you were into.

Picture yourself walking through the tea aisle at the grocery store, when the person next to you compliments your beloved (and perfectly worn-in) Beatles T-shirt…

Image: Animated .gif of Will Ferrell in Step Brothers saying "Did we just become best friends?"
Source: GIPHY

When we wear things that speak to our interests, it opens up the opportunity to connect with others who are into the same things, but also…

The right outfit is our tool to control the narrative that is told about us!

How do you want to be perceived? Sporty? Fun? Serious? Relaxed? Studious? The way you wear what you wear can make that happen.

Not sure what I mean? The School of Life explains it all perfectly in this lovely video. Check it out!

Via: The School of Life 1

‌Big thanks to The School of Life for teaching us about something that we have control over in our lives every day. Find more helpful insights from them over on their YouTube channel.

Don’t sweat every sweater though…

I love that the video pointed out that not everything in your closet has to be lined with meaning. The pure happiness we feel when we treat ourselves to a fancy new hat is reason enough. Everyone deserves to experience that joy! And being happy and confident in what we wear is the ultimate best impression.

So, what are you dressing for?

Fashion expert Stacy London—from one of my favorite TV shows What Not To Wearalways insists that the first step to getting the life you want is to dress the part. Then the rest will fall into place when the time is right.

Every few years it’s helpful to ask ourselves, “What role am I dressing for?” Am I the sophisticated mom-on-the-go? An environmentally-conscious CEO? A creative entrepreneur? Whoever you are and whatever you want in your life, there’s a way to express that in the way you dress every day.

Now, you can even dress for the part while making a difference in the world with your purchases! Reduce waste and save the planet by shopping for secondhand or vintage clothes, or help others by buying from companies who give back to charities and use recycled materials.

Don’t get all frayed about the past—just follow the thread you are weaving now.

There are few things that can flash you back in time and make you cringe quite like an old photograph of your previous sense of style. (Uh, hello and goodbye, low-rise jeans!) But the truth is, these looks from years prior are a representation of who you were at the time.

I mean, think of the sweatpant outfits we’ll think back on from these past couple of years…yikes! While we might not look back at photos from the COVID-era very fondly, one of the highlights of this time in history is the ways in which people are still finding ways to integrate their unique style throughout the pandemic. For instance, look at how we created fashionable face masks that made a not-so-fun accessory a bit more personable.

From the minute we are born, we are changing and evolving, and our closets change with us. So, let’s celebrate our growth in style!

Our Outreach Coordinator, Renee (Left) in sparkly dance costume
Renee circa 1992 (left)—born to be an entertainer—has been dressing for the stage since birth!

If our clothes say so much about who we are… what do the things in our homes say?

Clothing isn’t the only way to express who we are to the world. This article from our library explores how our homes are a wonderful reflection of who we are, too.

How to Fall (Back) in Love with Your Home

What do you love most about your home? Which colors are most abundant? Is there a theme to the art you collect? Where are your knick-knacks from? Here’s what your home says about you! 

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Keep dreaming and notice the beauty around you!


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  1. The School of Life. “Why Clothes Matter.” YouTube, 29 Mar. 2017, www.youtube.com/watch?v=8da1nXckEy4&feature=emb_title. Accessed 2 Mar. 2021.
Published: March 10, 2021

Image: Renee Laroche-Rheaume

Outreach Coordinator

Renee is a graduate of FIDM, and has held jobs in several industries such as apparel manufacturing, retail, professional office work, and even hospitality. Her creative outlook, wide variety of experiences, and desire to notice the beauty around us make her a great addition to the Goodness Exchange team.

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