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Liesl is our CEO and the founder of two other platforms in the Goodness Exchange orbit: our education site at EWCed and our endeavor to improve business and healthcare culture at Amazing World Media. She is a Harvard grad with a laser focus on using her background in design, economics, and education to make the world a better place for others. She also brings a global perspective to her work background in international travel and study. If you’d like to collaborate with the Goodness Exchange or discuss how our content can integrate into your healthcare space or classroom, please reach out to her!

Liesl Ulrich-Verderber

Chief Executive Officer

Liesl Ulrich–Verderber is CEO of the Goodness Exchange (formerly Ever Widening Circles), a global positive media company with 6 platforms created with the goal of proving that it is still an amazing world.

By the age of 27, Liesl was also the founder of three of those media outlets aimed at elevating goodness and progress for us all: an education site EWCed, an endeavor to improve business and healthcare culture at Amazing World Media, and the Conspiracy of Goodness Network, a personal and professional growth platform (that you today know as the "Premium" membership level of the Goodness Exchange) where people who value and work in goodness can connect, collaborate, and change the world together.

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Her intention is simple: to celebrate the quiet wave of goodness and progress going on all around us that almost no one knows about, and open a new era for us all by changing the negative dialogue of our times.

Pretty audacious aspirations, but the unique alchemy of her upbringing is shining a light on an enormous positive wave, well underway in the world, that almost no one knows about… yet. This will change if Liesl has anything to say about it.

Liesl is also an avid canoer!

She was raised in the Green Mountains of Vermont and brought her rural sensibilities to a Harvard education; a combination that is kicking the doors open on possibility. With a laser focus on using her background in design, economics, and education to make the world a better place, she has developed a personal mantra around what she gives her attention to: “Is it novel? Is it useful? How does it help?"

Carrying both Irish and US passports, she also brings a global perspective to her work, having spent most of her life traveling to off-the-beaten-path places around the world. As a global citizen, Liesl is uniquely positioned to dig in and answer some of the most important questions of our time.

Find Liesl on Instagram @Liesl.UV!

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