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Owen Biniecki

Former Content Production

Owen Biniecki is our go-to specialist for content production. His role is to ensure that every piece meets the highest standards before reaching publication.

Owen is also an accomplished writer, having created some of our most successful articles and being a part of our writing process for six years since he was a high school intern.

He has had an extraordinary journey with The Goodness Exchange. He joined us as a high school freshman after interviewing our founder, Dr. Lynda, for his high school newspaper and exhibiting an exceptional blend of personal and professional acumen so extraordinary that she immediately offered him a job as an intern.

Witnessing Owen's evolution as a young professional fills us with immense pride. Presently, he navigates the realm of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics at the University of Vermont, a testament to his dedication and thirst for knowledge.

It's unsurprising that Owen is finding so much success in such a rigorous academic path, as a remarkable trait defining Owen's present and future impact is his agility in learning. Rare are the people who learn as fast as Owen does.

Owen embodies the epitome of a great soul—hardworking, self-motivated, easy-going, humorous, and open-minded. His unwavering optimism and keen eye for individuals perpetuating good, even amid challenging times, exudes a contagious positivity that inspires us all.

Owen Biniecki's presence within our team symbolizes not just a remarkable journey from intern to vital contributor but also a beacon of hope and enthusiasm for a brighter, kinder future. His good nature, coupled with an infectious sense of humor and unparalleled self-awareness, brings an incomparable joy to our team dynamics.

His unwavering commitment to excellence and pursuit of goodness make him an invaluable asset to The Goodness Exchange and a delight to have around.

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