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Practical Steps to Improve Our Lives and Communities: The Solutionary Way

Practical Steps to Improve Our Lives and Communities: The Solutionary Way

Discover how adopting a solutionary mindset can empower individuals of all ages to tackle global challenges, transform their communities, and create a better world for everyone.
Image: Dog sitting next to Pezzy Pets Invasive Fish Pet Treats

Pet Treats Made from Invasive Fish Solve Major Problem in Mexico

Pezzy Pets makes sustainable pet treats using invasive fish. We love this solution to a man-made problem—and so will your pet!
Image: A family dinner, with ten plates full of diverse kinds of food

How Our Dinner Plates Reflect Diversity, Yet Unite Humanity

What does dinner look like around the globe? Matthieu Paley, a National Geographic Photographer, set out to document the culture of food in places untouched by supermarkets.
Image: silhouette of an airplane above palm trees

Navigating Turbulence: Four Approaches to Crisis Management

Have a tough decision to make? Running into another bump in the road of life? Here’s how one of the world’s top CEOs handles crisis and how we can use these insights in our own lives.
Image: two people sitting in chairs underneath a tree silhouetted against a sunset

People’s Actions Leaving You Baffled? Here’s How to Cultivate Understanding

Encountering behavior that seems inexplicable can be immensely frustrating. Whether it’s a family member, friend, or colleague making decisions that appear counterintuitive, our first instinct might be to react with confusion or annoyance. However, amidst this confusion, there lies an opportunity to cultivate understanding.
Image: Runners on a track, everyone starting at a different place.

Everyone Has a Story

While we may want to believe the people who rise to the top in life are always most deserving, the objective truth is different. We don’t start life on a level playing field, and everyone has a backstory, just like this one of a Lyft driver with a dream.

Image: the silhouette of a man with bright lights shining behind him.

Who Are You to ‘Forgive’ Anyone?

Guest writer Srikumar Rao has an interesting thought experiment for you. What would happen if we all made a concerted effort to put our egos aside, and consider the notion that help is coming from the universe: happening “through” you and not “by” you or “from” you?

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Image: Golden Ratio spiral over image of saxophone player

Can You Hear the Golden Ratio?

Could there really be a universal ratio that unites beauty, nature, and art? The Golden Ratio can be found all over the place if you know where to look. But did you know it’s found in music too? Is this coincidence, on purpose, or a creative tool? We’ll let you test it out and decide for yourself!

Image: A group of friends and people in relationships holding up their glasses to cheers

How to Build Great Relationships!

How well do you know your parents and how are your relationships with them? There will come a time when your parents become your children. Trust me—it will happen. And then they will be gone, and you realize that you are alone, and you never really knew them. So how do you make sure that you form closer bonds with them before they exit the stage?

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