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From artistic collaborations to creative problem solving, the arts have the power to lift us up and transform our future. These stories celebrate art, creativity, and culture in all its forms.

Image: Musicians singing and playing guitar on stage

The World’s First “Rock Star” Isn’t Who You Think!

Who was history's first rockstar? I'll give you a hint: he had long flowing hair, refused to bow to convention, made audiences swoon, and even broke a few instruments in his day. He wasn't from the 1960s, or the 1950s, no, he made his name in the 40s—the 1840s! Any guesses yet?
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Image: Tom Turcich and his dog Savannah on their walk around the world

Meet a Man and His Dog Taking a Walk Around the World!

Join a man and his pooch on an epic walk around the globe! When we travel we are reminded of the things that make life worth living: natural wonders, the joy of discovery, and warm conversations with kind strangers. Here's what can happen when you bring your best pal along for the journey. 
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Image: Tree root growing through bricks in Central Park, New York City

How Soil Is Telling Us a New Story About Ourselves!

What can soil tell us about the lives of our ancestors? When one of the greatest archaeological finds of our time was unearthed right in the middle of New York City,  history opened up. By studying soil samples extracted from hundreds of people previously lost to history, this scientist is piecing together an ancestry that was nearly lost! 
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Image: Older gentleman stands in front of his barber shop

When Is a Haircut More Than a Haircut?

Where do you go where you're welcomed like a true friend? COVID-19 has made these places really stand out, like our salons, for instance. But even with closed doors, some of these barbers and hairdressers are finding ways to keep that connection going. Here's a fun look at why!
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Image: 20-sided Dungeons and Dragons die

You’ve Heard of This Game Before… But Never Like This!

You've probably heard of this game on TV and in popular culture, but what you probably don't know is why people like it so much! By tapping into some of the most fundamental elements of our humanity, this game can remind us to pause, come together (even virtually), and have a little fun.
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Image: details of a quilt by Keiko Ohno

We’ve Caught Quilt Fever, Have You?!

Thousands of joyous people flock to the tiny town of Paducah, Kentucky every year to celebrate one particularly special pastime they all have in common. And the reason for such fanfare and togetherness will have you pulling out your most treasured items to hold them close! 
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Image: toy car on top of a map of the united states

The Green Book: Why a 1950’s Travel Guide is Important Today!

In a time before the internet and GPS, Victor Green connected people all across the United States! He created a revolutionary travel guide that made the tradition of family road trips explode across the country! Here's how the Green Book changed history—and why you've probably never heard of it.
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Image: Ra Paulette walking through one of his caves

The Caveman Leaving Hidden Wonders in New Mexico!

Can a man who digs elaborate caves for a hobby help us all find the work that feeds our soul? By encasing us in awe and wonder with his secret oasis carved throughout the hills of New Mexico, Ra Paulette might just point you down the right path! 
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