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Need a pick-me-up? These feel-good tales of people changing the world for the better will restore your confidence in humanity and put a spring in your step.

Conspiracy of Goodness Summit: Live with Purpose 2021

The Conspiracy of Goodness Summit 2021: Live with Purpose

The most powerful asset that our world has to offer is people with good intentions. People like you and me. Imagine identifying and pursuing your dream, being fulfilled at work and at home, and feeling uplifted by a community of people who believe the world is a good place and get you.
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This 8-year-old Girl’s Mission is to Give Away 2 Million Books

Books have the power to transport you to another place and make you feel like you are part of the story. A love of reading should be developed at a young age so children can see books as something magical. That’s the gift that 8-year-old  Sela Thompson from Atlanta, Georgia, received from her parents and wants to pass on to other children.
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