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Image: organ sitting inside of a massive cave

The World’s Largest Musical Instrument is Hiding Inside This Cave

Explore the mesmerizing fusion of music and nature beneath the hills of Virginia, where the Great Stalacpipe Organ transforms the Earth into an enchanting musical marvel.
Image: two wild pigs staring at the camera

The Ancient Solution to a New Problem: Solving Our Invasive Wild Pig Predicament

Wild pigs are one of the most destructive invasive species in the United States. They’re devastating ecosystems, destroying agriculture, killing other animals, and costing billions of dollars in damage. But there’s something that we can do, and it all ties back to who our species is at our roots.
Image: A person holding a snow globe

Lessons From a Snow Globe and Other Insights

Have you ever shaken a snow globe? Picture the picturesque scene it holds inside, and see in your mind how it grows hazy as if snow is falling. Could the snow falling be a great representation for our mental chatter, quickly spinning us out of control until we can’t see our hand in front of our face? Here’s a story of how we can eliminate that snow in our brain and bring tranquility back into our lives.
Image: People using their hands to create pottery.

Crafting Second Chances: The Story of the People’s Pottery Project

People’s Pottery Project creates opportunities for healing, community, and employment for those who have experienced incarceration.
Image: Three men walk across a stone covered beach in on the Fundy Footpath with the Bay of Fundy behind them

A City Dweller’s Adventure on Canada’s Rugged Fundy Footpath

Have you ever been inspired to embrace a passion for something and then quickly realized you don’t have the training to enjoy it as you imagined? Maybe what we can appreciate is something very different than what we had in mind, and that makes the adventure even better.
Image: Runners on a track, everyone starting at a different place.

Everyone Has a Story

While we may want to believe the people who rise to the top in life are always most deserving, the objective truth is different. We don’t start life on a level playing field, and everyone has a backstory, just like this one of a Lyft driver with a dream.

Image: the silhouette of a man with bright lights shining behind him.

Who Are You to ‘Forgive’ Anyone?

Guest writer Srikumar Rao has an interesting thought experiment for you. What would happen if we all made a concerted effort to put our egos aside, and consider the notion that help is coming from the universe: happening “through” you and not “by” you or “from” you?

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Image: Golden Ratio spiral over image of saxophone player

Can You Hear the Golden Ratio?

Could there really be a universal ratio that unites beauty, nature, and art? The Golden Ratio can be found all over the place if you know where to look. But did you know it’s found in music too? Is this coincidence, on purpose, or a creative tool? We’ll let you test it out and decide for yourself!

Image: A group of friends and people in relationships holding up their glasses to cheers

How to Build Great Relationships!

How well do you know your parents and how are your relationships with them? There will come a time when your parents become your children. Trust me—it will happen. And then they will be gone, and you realize that you are alone, and you never really knew them. So how do you make sure that you form closer bonds with them before they exit the stage?

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