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Image: Satellite photo of the Uffington White Horse

The White Horse: An Effort that Links 90 Generations!

This piece of art has been draped across an entire English hilltop for three thousand years. And we have an unbroken thread of ordinary people to thank for it being here today; they showed up unfailingly and sat patiently smashing it with hammers. Take a look!
Image: Three skiiers making their way down a ski slope.

How to Improve Mental Health: 5 Tips From World Champion Lindsey Vonn

It’s totally normal to struggle with your mental well-being. It even happens to someone as accomplished as world champion skier Lindsey Vonn. Here are her 5 tips for improving your mental health.
Image: Bees

Your Local Bees Need a Place to Stay: Shifting Spotlight to Native Bees Near You

The honey bee came to America with European colonialists, and has stolen the show in bee conservation. 4,000 other bee species have been calling America home for far longer, and are vital to the health of the American biosphere. Our local bees need our help too—and here’s how you can be their eco-hero!
How to Handle Everyone’s Favorite Person: The Critic

How to Handle Everyone’s Favorite Person: The Critic

Whenever we decide to put ourselves and our work out into the world, there’s one guarantee: there will be critics. But there is a very solid way we can alter how much of an impact they have on us. In her brilliant and motivating talk, Brené Brown gives us a few tools to do just that!
Image: Three Kukeri dancers walking through the streets of Belgium.

Monsters You Must See: The Bulgarian Kukeri Dance Away Evil

Why are people in Bulgaria dressing up in elaborate fur costumes and dancing through the streets at night in the dead of winter? Join us as we explore the wild, strange, and awesome tradition of Kukeri, and learn what it means to gather for the greater good—whether you are superstitious or not!

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Image: A woman peering between the arms of a movie clapper.

Lesson From a Blockbuster Movie

What is the story that you are telling yourself about the things that bother you? Are you facing financial problems, relationship issues, health concerns, career stagnation? How do you face each of these? What happens to you is important. The story you tell yourself about what happens to you is much more important.

Image: A stone face peering up at the camera over a hedge maze, exercising brainpower.

15 Simple Ways to Enhance Brainpower When You Lack Focus

How powerful is your brain? Is there room for improvement in grasping ideas quicker, making better decisions, and solving challenges more effectively? Brainpower is what makes you, well, you. It is your intelligence that makes you think, learn new skills, and adapt to changes. It is the sum of your mental abilities—your intellectual capacity. It is…

Image: Humpback whales waving with their tails at some swimmers.

Whales Have Viral Music, Too!

Did you know humpback whales have viral songs, too? Just like us, humpback whales love a catchy new tune. From Australia all the way to Ecuador, viral whale songs are taking over the ocean. This astonishing discovery is changing how we see whales and ourselves in the natural world.

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