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Wrap up each week on a positive note with our Today in Goodness newsletter featuring our top content from the week, goodness on the horizon, and good news from around the world. 

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Image: Man holding a sign that says "seeking human kindness" in a Boston subway platform

60 Second Docs: Inspiring Stories in Under a Minute!

60 Second Docs is a great way to experience goodness on the fly! Every short documentary is (you guessed it) only one minute long. If you ever need a quick pick-me-up or are seeking inspiration from some of the incredible things people around the world are doing, their YouTube channel is the place to go!

Have you ever witnessed a member of your community doing something amazing, or are you in need of a minute-long dose of happiness? There are thought leaders everywhere bringing generosity, kindness, and joy to the people around them that go completely unnoticed. And this wonderful web series, 60 Second Docs, has been highlighting these unsung heroes since 2016!

Image: Man holding a sign that says "seeking human kindness" in a Boston subway platform
Source: Matt Collomer // Unsplash

So, who are some of these undercover icons they celebrate? Let’s meet a few!

First up, get ready for Shirley Curry—an 85-year-old woman with a unique passion!

When you truly dive into something you love, amazing things can happen! This is especially the case for Shirley Curry, an 85-year-old with a passion for playing video games. 60 Second Docs featured Shirley almost five years ago in this fantastic video. Despite stereotypes about her generation, Shirley defies preconceived notions and has a fantastic time playing her favorite video games.

Via: 60 Second Docs 1

Isn’t it an absolute joy to watch someone do what they love? You can even check out Shirley’s own YouTube channel where she records gameplay of Skyrim and other unique content!

A novel use for plastic waste?

60 Second Docs also covers stories of people who are changing how we see waste—like Alejandro D’Acosta!

Alejandro D’Acosta is an incredible architect that uses components from old structures or plastic waste to form beautiful new homes and buildings! Check out this video to learn more about D’Acosta.

Via: 60 Second Docs 2

If you want to learn more about the sustainable architect, check out his Instagram page here!

The list of incredible people goes on!

Last but certainly not least for our examples today, 60 Second Docs highlights the amazing Sophie de Oliveira Barata, an artist and founder of The Alternative Limb Project. She creates beautiful custom prosthetics that range from the hyper-realistic to the incredibly artistic.

Via: 60 Second Docs 3

It’s truly incredible how many people out there are doing their own wonderful things. So many people are participating in the Conspiracy of Goodness without even knowing! Don’t be afraid to share the greatness of the people in your community. It’s still an amazing world, and our individual acts of kindness prove it.

To dive in to see these acts of kindness regularly, subscribe to 60 Second Docs and add them to the list of content you typically watch. When it only takes one minute to see the amazing things people are doing right now, you have nothing to lose!

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More stories of amazing people!

We’ve celebrated countless people who are doing amazing work in the world, as well as the creators who share their stories. Here are a few of our favorites:

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How can we spread joy with our work? Certainly, the answer is unique to each of us, but sometimes we need a little inspiration to get ourselves started. So let us introduce you to one of those sources of inspiration, Shari Kadar.

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Now THIS is How You Start a Chain of Kindness

Not all heroes wear capes; some don a straw cap, grab a can of gas and jump into their car with their dog to do what they can. Meet a hero who has been keeping the chain of small acts of kindness going for 53 years! You may just find yourself inspired, too!

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Why is This Busker Giving All of His Money Away?

Can a street performer change the way we think about helping our neighbor? Well, in the subways of New York City, one musician’s experiment in kindness has spread to a global movement to do good with whatever talents we have!

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Stay safe and find the goodness around you!

  • Owen

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Image: Owen Biniecki

Owen Biniecki

Content Production Intern

Owen is a Content Production Intern here at the Goodness Exchange. He joined the Goodness Exchange team in 2019 after interviewing Dr. Lynda for his high school’s newspaper. The rest of the GE team has watched him “grow up,” these past four years as he graduated high school in 2021 and began studying Microbiology and Molecular Genetics at the University of Vermont, where he finds himself today. On his own time, he enjoys reading, writing, board games, and all other things nerdy! He's always keeping an eye out for the people that continue to do good even in the otherwise gloomy times we live in, and looks to the future with an optimism he hopes isn’t becoming a rarity.

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