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Image: Greener pasture

Change Comes From the Inside: Being Conscious of “Greener Pastures”

In April, nearly four million employees quit their jobs in the United States. If that pace continues, 25 percent of the entire American workforce could be changing jobs this year, an all-time record. But that is only half the story. After an immensely difficult 18 months, many people are seeking change in their lives, for a variety of reasons.
Image: A cluster of mangroves emerging from the salt water in Kenya.

What is a Mangrove and Why Are They One of The World’s Most Important Trees?

When you feel like you’re in a hard situation, can you adapt to make it better for yourself and others? The remarkable mangrove trees do just that, making homes in salt water and saving the environments around them. They’re living proof that when we find ways to thrive despite our challenges, we can make life better for everyone around us.
Image: Woman standing in front of a colorful mural, smiling.

The Secret Strategy to Be Happy AND to Really Achieve Your Goals

As we go through life, we quickly discover that our actions are the only thing within our control. Random events casually derail our carefully laid plans. Read on to discover how we can be happy AND achieve our goals by focusing on the process, NOT the outcome.
Image: A woman chopping vegetables and smiling at the camera

Stop Stressing and Start Living with These Helpful Meal Planning Hacks

How do we waste less food and less money? Meal planning can seem daunting, but these simple tips and tricks can make life easier, more delectable, and give us the freedom of mind to actually enjoy our food and leisure time.
The Magical Music of Trees: Artist Transforms Biology Into Song

The Magical Music of Trees: Artist Transforms Biology Into Song

Yes, trees sing! A special technology lets you hear this magical song. An artist is harnessing this technology to connect people with nature in an ethereal concert, increasing respect and awareness for majestic trees.
Image: the silhouette of a man with bright lights shining behind him.

Who Are You to ‘Forgive’ Anyone?

Guest writer Srikumar Rao has an interesting thought experiment for you. What would happen if we all made a concerted effort to put our egos aside, and consider the notion that help is coming from the universe: happening “through” you and not “by” you or “from” you?

Image: Five Ocean Sole artisans standing with a large rhino, made entirely of recycled flip flops.

Kenyan Nonprofit Turns Flip Flops into Beautiful Works of Art, Cleaning Beaches and Empowering Communities

In sculptures made of flip flops that you have to see to believe featuring turtles, elephants, zebras, life-size giraffes, and many, many more, Kenyan nonprofit Ocean Sole’s artistic ingenuity solves more than one problem. Turning trash into treasure, this organization cleans Kenyan beaches, provides jobs for local artisans, and raises awareness for our flip flop problem, all at the same time. Ready to feast your eyes on this incredible art?

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Image: Golden Ratio spiral over image of saxophone player

Can You Hear the Golden Ratio?

Could there really be a universal ratio that unites beauty, nature, and art? The Golden Ratio can be found all over the place if you know where to look. But did you know it’s found in music too? Is this coincidence, on purpose, or a creative tool? We’ll let you test it out and decide for yourself!

Image: A group of friends and people in relationships holding up their glasses to cheers

How to Build Great Relationships!

How well do you know your parents and how are your relationships with them? There will come a time when your parents become your children. Trust me—it will happen. And then they will be gone, and you realize that you are alone, and you never really knew them. So how do you make sure that you form closer bonds with them before they exit the stage?

Image: variety of cheese at a market!

Without Cheese, We Might Not Be Here!

Throughout human history, cheese has given us a huge survival advantage and changed civilization. If that isn’t friendship, we don’t know what is. So let’s spend a little quality time with one of our oldest pals, and remind ourselves of all that we’ve been through together.

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