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Image: Gopher Tortoise

Meet the Wildfire Hero Who Wears a Shell Instead of a Cape 

The gopher tortoise may not look like your average hero, but when forest fires threatens their neighbors, their special skill comes in very handy! Here’s how to use your strengths for good. 
Woman carrying bananas

Wearable Bananas? This Ugandan Company is Giving Textile Waste the Slip

What one material could make placemats, rugs, and hair extensions? This miracle fiber is bananas! Learn about the non-profit transforming this popular plant’s waste into something that is wonderful—in more ways than one!
Image: Hummingbird

Hummingbirds: The Bodybuilders in Your Backyard!

Get ready for a dose of awe and wonder! With lightning-fast speeds, an off-the-charts competitive nature, and beak-jousting skills that top Olympic fencers, hummingbirds are truly one of nature’s flying marvels.
Image: Person jumping on a hiking trail

The Key to Living a Longer, Fuller Life? Ditch the Routine!

Live every day you’re alive by breaking your routine. Jed Jenkins quit his job, picked up his life, and lived each day to the fullest, choosing adventure and rediscovering childlike wonder for everything new. Read on to learn a little something about the beauty of spontaneity and the amazing things that come with a willingness to do what scares you. 
Image: man working at computer

Ernst & Young Recruiting People With Autism to Boost its Success

Folks on the autism spectrum are too often overlooked for jobs, but these companies are seeking them out. By offering flexible hiring, onboarding and work styles they’re attracting outstanding talent from people on the autism spectrum—here’s how they do it.

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Image: A woman peering between the arms of a movie clapper.

Lesson From a Blockbuster Movie

What is the story that you are telling yourself about the things that bother you? Are you facing financial problems, relationship issues, health concerns, career stagnation? How do you face each of these? What happens to you is important. The story you tell yourself about what happens to you is much more important.

Image: A stone face peering up at the camera over a hedge maze, exercising brainpower.

15 Simple Ways to Enhance Brainpower When You Lack Focus

How powerful is your brain? Is there room for improvement in grasping ideas quicker, making better decisions, and solving challenges more effectively? Brainpower is what makes you, well, you. It is your intelligence that makes you think, learn new skills, and adapt to changes. It is the sum of your mental abilities—your intellectual capacity. It is…

Image: Humpback whales waving with their tails at some swimmers.

Whales Have Viral Music, Too!

Did you know humpback whales have viral songs, too? Just like us, humpback whales love a catchy new tune. From Australia all the way to Ecuador, viral whale songs are taking over the ocean. This astonishing discovery is changing how we see whales and ourselves in the natural world.

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