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Image: Falcon on a handlers hand

Meet the Birds Keeping You Safe in Flight!

Did you know that one of the greatest threats to our safety as we board a plane and fly off to our destination is BIRDS!? Luckily, some ingenious airports are turning to one of the world's oldest sports and taking some inspiration from the natural world to keep us safe! 
Finger lime

Savoring the Flavor of the Moment with Lemon Caviar!

Can the juicy insides of citrus fruit change the way we experience life? We're pausing to savor the moments that delight, starting with a tiny fruit that has a tasty, sunshiney surprise inside! Take your taste buds on an adventure by discovering the wonder in the caviar of the Finger Lime!
Image: Elderly man with a flower tucked behind his ear

Restoring Sight to the Blind with a $3 Innovation

Thought leaders who find ingenious solutions right at the root of problems can be an inspiration to us all. Here's a doctor who is changing the lives of millions with a few fundamental shifts that drove costs of restoring someone's sight down from $250 to $3!
Image: young girl in a hospital bed wearing a VR headset

Why Some Doctors Are Using VR Instead of Anesthesia!

Could virtual reality be a form of medicine? For patients who are using VR to help manage their pain and discomfort during minor surgery, it already is! Take a look at the amazing way this technology, originally popular for gaming, is getting a new life in hospitals.
Image: Jars of Blue Pigments

Hunting Down the World’s Most Brilliant Colors!

Have you ever wondered where colors come from? Who collects them? And how did they end up in the world's most famous paintings? We're discovering the magical world of pigments and the lengths we will go to bring colors into our lives!
Image: Face in a cup of coffee foam smiling

Did You Have a Good Morning? Thank a Goat!

What do goats, frothed eggs, a hipster and you have in common? Well, around the world, there's a thread that connects us all—and it all starts with one of the most widely preferred morning drinks of choice, coffee!

The 14-Year-Old Entrepreneur Bringing Sweetness to Everyone!

14-year old Michael Platt is making life a little better for someone in need, one cupcake at a time. For every dessert he sells through his business, he's donating one to shelters in his community—bringing some sweetness to those who could most use it. Here's his amazing story! 
Image: Green sea turtle swimming

How TurtleCams are Enlisting Turtles to Protect their Ocean!

Do you remember the viral video of the sea turtle with a straw stuck in its nose? It changed the way many people saw our ocean plastic problem. And now, the scientists behind that video are keeping the positive momentum going—this time turning to the turtles themselves for footage of how we can help make a difference!

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