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After graduating from St. Lawrence University in 2020 and returning home to Vermont, Ellen found that helping make the world a better place with the GE team was just where she wanted to be. You can usually find her watching television while getting crafty, on the ice as a figure skating coach for 10-14 year old's, or in her inflatable kayak named Heidi. She's quite the film nerd and quite the cook, and likes it best when those two things - movies and food - coincide.

Ellen Allerton

Former Chief Operating Officer

Ellen Allerton, our former Director of Operations and Head Writer & Editor at Goodness Exchange, is the engine that keeps our team humming harmoniously. She's the ultimate organizational aficionado, known for both her meticulous attention to detail and an uncanny knack for understanding societal currents, guiding us seamlessly towards intersections where our positive message has impact.

Surrounded by creative minds, she is renowned for both her astonishing attention to detail and her remarkable sense of social sensitivity: a wonderful instinct that keeps us aligned, seamlessly, with the ever-evolving, positive parts of the Zeitgeist.

Ellen's innate ability to translate creative ideas into actionable plans remains the cornerstone of our organizational model at the Goodness Exchange. Surrounded by the inspired impulses, competing ideas, and priorities of the two innovative founders of the Goodness Exchange, Ellen's role and impact stands as a testament to her cool head, innovative mindset and collaborative spirit.

For the past 5 years, Ellen has been the wizard behind the scenes, ensuring every aspect of our work shines.

As the driving force behind the quality of everything we have created, Ellen has demonstrated her prowess as THE detail person that every organization needs. She is the epitome of a "finisher," always surpassing expectations by going the extra mile. With that as a kind of "superpower," she consistently elevates the platform's reach and impact.

Despite the fact that we are prone to embracing a constant stream of innovations, Ellen's meticulous organizational abilities always ensure that operational processes run with clockwork precision. And as a leader, what truly distinguishes Ellen is her graceful and diplomatic demeanor, allowing her to hold individuals accountable while providing unwavering support, making them feel valued and indispensable.

And if that wasn't enough, Ellen also gets to exercise her own creative skills at the Goodness Exchange. She has spent years as a prolific writer on our team, using her social sensitivity and beautiful curiosity to craft articles that inspire and move others to action. In fact, she penned 2 of our top 5 highest performing articles of all time.

After her upbringing in small town Vermont, Ellen's high personal standards were honed in her college years at the renowned St. Lawrence University where she graduated with a dual degree in Performance & Communication Arts and Government. Living and studying abroad in Dunedin, New Zealand during that time broadened her global perspective and enrobed her with a global sensitivity that is much needed in today's world.

Today, she has filled her life with figure skating, softball, exploring in her inflatable kayak, and cherished moments with friends in Boston. A film aficionado and passionate cook, she revels when the two intersect.

Ellen isn't just a vital part of our team; she's the linchpin that makes us resilient, spirited, and fun-loving. Her commitment to excellence and passion for what's good in the world make her a vital change-maker when it comes to our effort to change the negative dialogue about our times.

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